Despite thorns, soldiers still view military life as filled with roses

Despite thorns, soldiers still view military life as filled with roses

NDO – Mai Nguyen, a reporter of Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper, made a note telling readers about the life of military officers and soldiers who are stationing in the country’s most severely isolated and remote areas. (Jan 18, 2021 10:34:43)


“A summer holiday” of Hoi An people

  Sep 18, 2020 11:23:28
NDO – After a long period under summer heat, there was light rain causing the temperature to cool down on the first day of Hoi An imposing the social distancing policy for the second time. 

Here in Hoi An, I am writing to all those missing the ancient city

  Aug 08, 2020 17:30:08
NDO - Ninh Nguyen, a reporter for Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper, made a note telling readers about the life and people in Hoi An ancient city, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam’s central province of Quang Nam, as it once again re-imposes social distancing measures in order to contain the spread of the COVID-19. 

Continue to write love stories at the foot of Mother Mountain

  Jul 20, 2020 11:58:15
NDO – K’Ho ethnic community in Lac Duong District in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong dearly refer to their Lang Bian Mountain as the Mother Mountain. The mountain is not only a holy symbol but also the inspiration of local people. It has witnessed the tragic love of Ka Lang and Ha Bian as well as the beautiful love story of Rolan Co Lieng, a K’Ho ethnic woman, and her American husband Joshua Guikema. 

In a land amidst the clouds

  May 07, 2020 17:30:07
NDO – Y Ty Commune in Bat Xat District, part of the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai, has welcomed many visitors after the provincial authorities allowed the resumption of tourist attractions and services following the easing of social distancing orders and the reopening of tourist attractions in the locality to the public. 

What the UK can learn from Vietnam’s response to coronavirus

  Apr 08, 2020 17:59:14
This is a tale of two wildly different responses to a pandemic. As a foreigner in Vietnam during the COVID-19 crisis, I feel so grateful and relieved to be here instead of in Europe. I try to show my appreciation by demonstrating to the locals that I am not an irresponsible “spreader” and that I take the danger very seriously. I have stopped all socializing, I always wear my mask outside and I strictly stay more than 2 metres away from others when I do have to leave my home. 

Flute kites: A way to create a symphony in the sky

  Feb 18, 2020 18:26:34
NDO – Kite flying is a popular childhood game for many Vietnamese people in rural areas. However, flying a kite with a flute attached to it is a century-old game that requires a lot of passion and knowledge from the players. Flute kites have been lifted from a pastime into part of the country’s cultural heritage. 

New vitality for DK1 Platforms in new spring

  Feb 06, 2020 12:49:59
NDO – “Despite waves and storms, we the DK rig soldiers are still here. There is no fear among DK rig soldiers who are not afraid of thunderstorms.” The two verses of the song "Spring on DK rigs" describe part of the difficulties and hardships that soldiers on DK1 rigs face when performing the task of protecting and preserving the Fatherland’s sovereignty over its sea and islands. 

United Vietnamese community in Vladikavkaz

  Feb 05, 2020 13:19:34
NDO – Living far from their hometowns, overseas Vietnamese in Vladikavkaz, the capital city of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia, are always turn their hearts to the motherland whenever the nation’s traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) comes. 

Overseas Vietnamese in France welcome Lunar New Year

  Feb 02, 2020 16:38:55
NDO – Although living far from the homeland, without the real atmosphere and tastes of the cosy Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday at home, Vietnamese expatriates in the French city of Blois always look towards the homeland with their best sentiments and wishes for a happy new year. 

Good relations of “emigrants” in Hoi An Ancient City

  Jan 26, 2020 13:25:36
NDO – Many foreigners “migrated” to Hoi An with the intention staying on vacation for a few months to half a year; however, during their stay, some have formed good connections that made them stay in the ancient city longer than expected. 

Tough journey to spread Vietnamese language in Russia's Ural mountainous region

  Jan 04, 2020 17:48:03
NDO – Any Vietnamese people who have lived and worked abroad always turn their hearts to the motherland and want their descendants to learn the Vietnamese language. Acknowledging this aspiration, staff of the Vietnamese General Consulate in Ekaterinburg, the capital city of Russia ’s Sverglovsk province, have joined hands with Vietnamese people’s associations in the Ural mountainous region to open a Vietnamese language class for children from the Vietnamese community in the region. 

Hanoi traditional values feature in Old Quarter braised fish

  Dec 01, 2019 16:15:29
NDO – Rustic but delicious and delicate "Old Quarter braised fish", which contains many distinct culinary culture features, has becoming more and more popular among costumers, making it a famous dish under the brand of " Hanoi - 36 Old Streets”. 

Cham people joining hands to boost modern rural area construction

  Oct 31, 2019 17:00:47
NDO – Where a branch of the Mekong River named Hau Giang River pours in Vietnam, at the northwesternmost border of the Mekong Delta, Cham border villages around Bung Binh Thien Lake have gradually transformed themselves to match with the rhythm of the modern life. 

Here, Hanoi…

  Oct 23, 2019 17:34:23
NDO – The chaos of lies sometimes make people think that the ‘soul’ of Hanoi has been lost; however, in reality, the capital city’s soul can be still recognised in the simple people, streets, houses and even rows of trees.