Business condition cut urged to facilitate people and businesses

Wednesday, 2019-08-21 17:58:08
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Minister and Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung speaks at the working session with representatives from 14 ministries on August 21. (Photo: VGP)
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NDO – The Prime Minister's Working Group held a working session in Hanoi on August 21 with representatives from 14 ministries on the substantive reductions in business conditions.

The meeting was chaired by the group’s head – Minister and Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung, who reaffirmed the viewpoints of the Government and the PM that always pays special attention to institutional buildings, urging relevant ministries and agencies to issue documents detailing the reduction and simplification of business conditions and administrative procedures.

Hailing the great efforts in the work, Dung said that the ministries have been advising the Government and the PM on plans related to the work, while issuing documents to reduce and simplify 3,451 out of 6,191 business conditions, as well as cutting 6,776 out of 9,926 product lines subjected to specialised inspection.

It helped create favourable conditions for the people and businesses and improve the business environment, he said, citing an example from the Ministry of Finance as the simplification of business conditions has contributed to an increase in the number of established businesses, or the reduction of insurance business conditions also resulted in the rocketing increase in the insurance revenue in the first five months of this year, up by 152% over the same period last year.

Economist Nguyen Dinh Cung affirmed that the reforms were highly praised by enterprises and the public and have resulted in positive impacts, as domestic investment increased rapidly as a driving force for growth, while exports of the domestic economic sector are increasing at a faster speed than the foreign invested ones, contributing to the positive GDP growth rate.

However, Dr. Cung proposed to implement drastically the reform task and boosting communication to “heat up” the reform, thus winning the trust and meeting expectations from the society.

Minister Dung also asked for efforts in effectively implementing the reduction in business conditions by reaffirming Government Resolution 02 in 2019 requiring further abolition and simplification of regulations on business conditions. Ministries and ministerial-level agencies should continue to review and submit to the Government for repealing and simplifying unclear and unspecific and not feasible business conditions in the third quarter of 2019, he required.

The working group asked the ministries to urgently set up plans to cut down on business conditions, publicise the conditions that have been cut, and respond to the queries from enterprises and business associations to solve their respective difficulties.

At the meeting, representatives from the 14 ministries reported on the number of conditions and procedures that have been cut and simplified, while giving assessment of the quality of the simplification and reduction through the number of working days and the costs saved for businesses and the society. They also discussed plans to continue to simplify and abolish the conditions and procedures in the futures.

The review results on the work will be summarised and fully reported at the upcoming regular cabinet meeting for August.