Vietnam’s freeze dried sugar-cane juice patented in US

Monday, 2021-05-10 19:21:00
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Vietnam’s dried sugar-cane juice patented in US
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NDO – Vietnam’s Vinamit Joint Stock Company has announced that its sugar-cane juice and freeze dried sugarcane juice has just been patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the US market.

Over the past two months, the patents were sent back to Vietnam, recognising Vinamit as the inventor of a series of lyophilized beverages made from domestic vegetables and fruits. Sugar-cane juice and freeze dried sugar-cane juice are the newest of these.

Previously, Vinamit's freeze-drying technology, converting liquid to powder but still keeping the originality and single substance composition, was also patented by the US (US No. 10.676.797 B1). Vinamit applies this technology to fruits, vegetables and fruits and has patents registered in the US and Vietnam.

The type of sugarcane used to make sugar-cane juice and freeze dried sugar-cane juice has a purple, soft, watery shell. The product has also been certified organic in terms of both its farming and processing.

According to Nguyen Lam Vien - General Director of the Vinamit Joint Stock Company, being granted a patent for its freeze-drying technology and freeze dried sugarcane juice in the US is the foundation for Vinamit to continue to exploit and develop in this market with a better-protected brand.

Vinamit is currently following procedures at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam for its protection in Vietnam. At the same time, the company will implement nutrition sharing and training programmes for people suffering from chronic non-communicable diseases to help improve awareness regarding eating and drinking properly.