Achievements in the renewal process in Hung Yen

Wednesday, 2021-10-13 09:11:19
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At Thang Long II Industrial Park, Hung Yen Province
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NDO – After 25 years of implementing the renewal process in the direction of industrialisation and modernisation, Hung Yen Province has recorded a high growth rate and is becoming a modern industrial province, an attractive destination for domestic and international investors.

Industrialisation and modernisation

Hung Yen Province is located on the left bank of the Red River, in the centre of the Northern Delta and in the northern key economic region. Hung Yen Province was re-established in 1997, under many difficult conditions: the starting point of the economy and society was low, the economic development speed was not high, the facilities were still poor, the infrastructure was still low; and within its economic structure: industry and construction accounted for 20.26%, agriculture 51.87%, and services 27.87%...

In order to strive to become an industrial and modern province, the provincial Party Committee, authorities and people in Hung Yen are determined to step up the renewal process, as well as industrialise and modernise the economy. Hung Yen Province has promoted its advantage of being located near major urban and industrial centres, and has implemented guidelines and policies on investment in infrastructure construction, land use, planning and infrastructure construction in urban areas, industrial clusters, vocational training, administrative reform, administrative procedures reform, investment attraction, comprehensive and highly efficient agricultural development, etc.

Hung Yen has 13 planned industrial parks (IZs) with a total scale of more than 3,445 hectares (in which 7 industrial parks, with an area of about 1,800 hectares, have completed infrastructure and come into operation); and 24 industrial clusters with a total area is about 1,300 hectares. Hung Yen Province received 1,985 investment projects. In which, there are 1,487 domestic projects with a total registered investment of more than VND140 trillion and 498 foreign direct investment projects with total registered investment of more than US$5 billion, mainly in the industrial sector. Investment projects were directed to focus on planned IZs and industrial clusters. The structure of investment attraction has changed positively, focusing more on projects using high technology and supporting industries, helping to increase industrial production value of Hung Yen more than 90 times compared to 1996.

Transport infrastructure has developed rapidly, especially key roads and rural roads. Hung Yen has completed investment in thousands of kilometres of roads at all levels, contributing to creating a smooth traffic network, conveniently connecting with Hanoi and other provinces in the region. Completed arterial roads helped create great attraction for investors such as: Hung Ha Bridge and the highway connecting Hanoi - Hai Phong Expressway with Cau Gie - Ninh Binh Expressway (phase I); La Tien Bridge and road DT.386; the upgrading and expanding of national highway 38, the dyke road to the left of Luoc River, etc...

Power grid infrastructure has been paid attention, serving the needs of industrial development and people's life. Information technology infrastructure has developed rapidly; Internet services and 4G mobile network have covered facilities in the province. Urban infrastructure has developed in an extensive manner. Hung Yen has basically completed the system of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure and service infrastructure of central cities and towns. Trade promotion activities have been promoted, with many events to promote, introduce and connect the supply and demand for goods at provincial and regional levels having been organised. The province also regularly participates in international trade and tourism promotion events.

Agricultural production has changed sharply in the direction of producing goods of high quality and high economic value. The area of fruit trees of higher economic covered over 15,000 hectares; livestock and aquaculture have developed in the direction of commodity production on medium and large scales. In addition, high technologies have been applied in production, the building of the brand of key agricultural products was promoted and achieved many results, contributing to raising the obtained value to VND210 million per hectares a year. Traditional crafts and services in rural areas have developed quite well, with the development of economic cooperatives in both form and scale. Hung Yen attracted over 200 investment projects in the field of agriculture and rural areas with a total registered capital of nearly VND15 trillion.

Production activities at Toyota Vietnam Co., Ltd., Thang Long II Industrial Park, Hung Yen Province

The province posted a high annual economic growth, the average growth rate in the 1996-2020 period was 8.38%; by 2020, the economic scale at current prices is estimated at more than VND102 trillion, nearly 40 times higher than in 1997. The economic structure has changed in a positive direction, with industry - construction accounting for 61.5%, agriculture - fishery for 9.65%, and trade – service for 28.85%; industry and construction has increased sharply, accounting for a high proportion in the economic structure.

Budget revenue in the province reached more than VND14.8 trillion, of which domestic revenue was more than VND10 trillion (the province itself balanced revenue and expenditure, and contributed 7% to the central budget). GRDP per capita reached about VND79.57 million a year. Education and training continued to develop, and the quality of comprehensive education has been improved. Vocational education has been attached importance to, basically meeting the needs of human resources in the province. The programme to protect, care for and improve people's health has been implemented effectively. The society is stable, the culture is preserved and promoted. In 2020, the province completed the task of building a new-style rural area. So far, 38 communes have been recognised as enhanced new-style rural areas.

New development directions

Hung Yen is striving to become a modern industrial province with a focus on promoting the implementation of the provincial planning; attracting investment in accordance with the planning; prioritising large-scale projects, high-tech industries, supporting industries, digital technologies, making positive contributions to growth and the State budget.

The province has also devised solutions to solve difficulties; mobilise resources for investment in socio-economic infrastructure, trade, services and urban areas; develop digital infrastructure; prioritise transport infrastructure and key areas; create breakthroughs in infrastructure; innovate and increase the application of science and technology, especially the achievements of the fourth industrial revolution; prioritise the development of a number of strong industries and fields; promptly remove difficulties and obstacles for production and business and promote innovative start-ups, and create new motivations for development.

Hung Yen Province has continued to promote internal resources and advantages, take advantage of opportunities and increase attraction of all resources for comprehensive, quick and sustainable development while paying attention to effectively implementing social security policies, focusing on building smart cities and new-style rural areas, thus gradually taking initiative in the process of urbanisation in rural areas.

The province will also maintain development orientation on all three pillars including economy, society and environment; giving priority to the development of high-tech industry, supporting industry, and clean industry towards smart cities and e-commerce development; rapidly increasing the share of the digital economy in the GRDP; high efficiency commodity agriculture; controling environmental pollution in industrial parks, industrial clusters, craft villages, rural areas and river basins; ensuring appropriate resources for disease prevention and control; and paying attention to the implementation of social security policies.

By 2030, the province is striving to become a prosperous, beautiful, civilised, and industrialised province; GRDP per capita is over US$8,500, the income of people in rural areas will be doubled compared to 2020; the digital economy will account for over 30% of GRDP; there are large urban areas and new rural areas with highly efficient, safe and sustainable commodity agriculture; basically becoming a Centrally run city. By 2045, Hung Yen is expected to be a smart, modern and civilised city imbued with cultural identity in the centre of the Red River Delta.

PHAM VAN HA/Translated by NDO