Experts call for acceleration of digital economy

Tuesday, 2017-10-24 11:14:37
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Prof., Dr. Nguyen Duc Khuong, Chairman of AVSE Global, member of the Economic Advisory Team to the Prime Minister, delivers his opening speech. (Credit: NDO)
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NDO – Many countries that have underestimated and attempted to remain outside of the wave of the digital economy have to quickly change their strategies and take the initiative in approaching the "new game," experts stated at a Hanoi conference on the issue, on October 23.

The event is part of three seminars organised by the Vietnam Private Sector Forum (VPSF) and the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global), prior to the Vietnam Digital Economy Forum (VDEF) 2018, to be held from January 15-17 next year in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Monday workshop was attended by leading global and national experts, such as the Vice President of the French Digital Council Sophie Pène, Innovation Director of the international financial corporation Société Générale Aymeril Hoang, Chief Data Scientist from Capgemini consulting group Bertrand Hassini, CEO of VinaCapital Fund Than Trong Phuc and Vice President of FPT University Nguyen Thanh Nam.

At the event, experts drew a panorama of the digital economy with the emergence and diffusion of new economic models, as well as strong the influences on not just any one country or one area but every corporation, business and individual globally. The information gave an insight into a very large issue that exists in the perspectives of many parties: specifically, the behaviours and attitudes towards changes in the global economy.

In fact, many countries initially chose a relatively unobtrusive behaviour towards the new economy in order to maintain and preserve their traditional way of operating. However, the desire to stand outside this wave of change presents many difficulties. Developed countries have therefore rapidly changed their strategies to actively engage, approach and become the operators of the "new game". Particularly, the issue for Vietnam has been considered across several aspects but will be fully visualised through the first workshop in the series of events towards VDEF 2018.

Against the dramatic shift in global economy, AVSE Global has developed the annual VDEF, targeting a dynamic Vietnam, as well as Southeast Asia and the world, with strongly developed knowledge and technology, by connecting the top international experts, Vietnamese intellectuals, corporations and policy makers in the world.

The VDEF 2018 aims to share the strategic vision and practical experience of the digital economy by pioneers in the area, as well as the trend in the digital economy. The event also aims to assess the current status, challenges and opportunities of Vietnam, while promoting discussions among specialists, policy makers and businesses in order to make concrete recommendations to help Vietnam to navigate and implement strategic decisions.

In particular, VDEF 2018 is the first handshake between Vietnamese intellectuals globally with domestic intellectuals and businesses through the role of AVSE Global and its working groups on digitisation and creation of VPSF.

The issues and challenges in the country will be clearly defined so that Vietnamese intellectuals around the world can join with international experts to evaluate, review and analyse them in order to make recommendations and solutions that are beneficial to the Government and the business community in Vietnam.