Ho Chi Minh City's CPI rises 0.63% in October

Monday, 2017-10-30 09:44:13
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The Ho Chi Minh City's CPI in October increased by 0.63% compared to September
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NDO - The Ho Chi Minh City's consumer price index (CPI) in October increased by 0.63% compared to September and by 4.13% compared to the same period in 2016, the municipal Statistics Office announced on October 30.

According to the Statistics Office, eight out of 11 groups of goods and services have witnessed price increases in October, with the highest increase posted in medicines and healthcare services at 12.04% over the previous month.

It was followed by culture, entertainment and tourism (up 0.66%); transportation (up 0.64%); housing, electricity, water, fuels, and construction materials (up 0.44%); restaurant and catering services (up 0.18%); household appliances and housewares (up 0.16%); garments, headgear and footwear (up 0.06%); and other goods and services (up 0.1%).

Regarding the restaurant and catering services, prices of food went up by 0.07% and prices of foodstuff rose by 0.4%, while restaurant prices decreased by 0.07% over the previous month.

In addition, the prices of beverages and cigarettes went down slightly by 0.01%, against the previous month.

Meanwhile, the municipal Statistics Office stated that post and telecommunications and education remained stable compared to September.

Earlier on October 29, the General Statistics Office (GSO) announced Vietnam's CPI in October, which increased by 0.41% over the previous month and was largely affected by the impacts of the storms and historic floods in northern and central Vietnam in early September.