Enhancing rail transport service towards the needs of passengers

Friday, 2018-05-18 17:25:35
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“Five-star” trains are expected to meet demand for quality services and conveniences.(Photo: VNA)
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NDO - By applying hi-tech, renewing the modes of ticket sales, building “five-star” trains and improving service quality, the railway sector is determined to maintain its positive results and ensure the quality of its services towards the needs of passengers.

Since May 15, the Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR) began to apply a new summer schedule. The sector has changed the schedule of four trains including the SE1, SE2, SE3 and SE4. According to Deputy General Director of the Hanoi Railway Transport Joint Stock Company Phung Thi Ly Ha, the adjustment of the schedule of these trains is suitable with the needs of passengers, as well as helping to utilise new generators in a faster manner and shorten the waiting time for exploitation.

For example, SE1 departs from Hanoi at 22:20, arrives in Hue at 10:59, Da Nang at 13:41, Nha Trang at 22:26, and ends at Saigon station at 5.45am of the next day. On the other route, SE2 departs at Saigon station at 21:55, arrives in Nha Trang at 4:54am, Da Nang at 13:53, Hue at 16:26, and ends at Hanoi station at 5:30am the next day. Notably, all four trains are using high-quality “five-star” generators and offering free meals on board.

The boarding procedure is also faster and more convenient while the staff are very friendly, Nguyen Viet Dung, a passenger said. Many tourists have also expressed their pleasure with the service of the railway sector in recent times.

In late May and early June, the VNR is scheduled to open a dozens of new routes in addition to the regular daily routes in order to meet the increasing demand for tourism during the summer. Specifically, there will be NH1 and NH2 trains on the Nha Trang - Hue route, the Saigon - Quang Ngai route will have additional SE25/SE26 trains; Saigon - Nha Trang with SNT3/SNT4; Saigon - Hanoi with SE11/SE12; and Hanoi - Vinh with NA3/NA4. In the meantime, ticket prices will be reduced for passengers who are social policy beneficiaries, students, and travel agencies registering for tourism promotion programmes. Groups of more than 20 passengers will also enjoy 3-7% discount on ticket prices.

Passengers can adjust their seats and air conditioning devices (Photo: VNA)

According to a representative from Di An Trail Joint Stock Company, the company have directly built high quality generators that have already been put into operation. They are made of high-strength steel with good vibration resistance. Newly built trains have met the increasing demand for quality of service, equipment and facilities, so the number of passengers is constantly increasing, especially long-distance travellers.

In 2018, the VNR will put into operation around 10 new trains, and by 2021 will basically replace all of the old trains, of which half will be newly built and the remaining will be upgraded. The VNR will also invest in 100 new locomotives to replace the old ones that are 40-50 years old, while launching a number of new promotional ticket sales.

The Ministry of Transport has recently made a proposal to the Prime Minister on the investment of medium-term government bonds of VND7 trillion (roughly US$308 million) for the railway sector. From now to 2020, the railway sector will also gradually replace old locomotives and supplement 100 new locomotives, 150 passenger coaches, 300 freight coaches and 500 generators with an estimated total cost of VND4.7 trillion.