Bac Giang to host first teleconference on lychee trade promotion next month

Friday, 2020-05-22 17:28:11
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In 2020, Bac Giang boasts over 28,100 ha of lychee farming, with an estimated output of 160,000 tonnes. (Photo: Bac Giang Newspaper)
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NDO – The nation’s first teleconference on lychee consumption is expected to be hosted by the northern province of Bac Giang on June 6, aiming to promote both domestic consumption and export of the local specialty.

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The harvest season has just come in the nation’s largest lychee farming area but the market for the fruit will surely be affected by the global COVID-19 epidemic this year. In order to make this year's crop harvest favourable and effective, Bac Giang is actively deploying consumption promotion activities.

As planned, the province will host a video conference that connects representatives from the Vietnamese relevant authorities, trade offices and embassies in Vietnam of China, Japan, and Thailand, as well as leading local and foreign retailers.

In addition to the main venue in Bac Giang, the online conference will also premiere in China’s Guangxi and Yunnan Provinces, as well as other 61 venues in provinces and cities across Vietnam.

Immediately after the teleconference, Bac Giang authorities will hold a ceremony to send off trucks carrying harvested lychee for consumption in both domestic and foreign markets.

To boost sales of lychee, Luc Ngan and Tan Yen Districts, home to the largest lychee areas in the province, will prepare a list of foreign wholesalers who have signalled their demand for lychee and ask authorities to allow their entry into Vietnam to purchase the fruit. They will also formulate plans to quarantine these traders, in line with regulations.

Previously, Bac Giang also developed specific plans for promoting lychee consumption in 2020 in the context of the complicated COVID-19 situation. The locale has determined its main export markets of Bac Giang lychee are Japan, the United States, Australia, Europe and China.

Japan has approved a total of 19 Production Unit Codes (PUCs) for 103 ha of lychee in the province, including 98 ha in Luc Ngan and 5 ha in Tan Yen. The province has also received 18 PUCs for 218 ha of lychee in Luc Ngan’s six communes for export to the US, Australia, and the EU.

This year Bac Giang has more than 28,100 ha of lychee, with output likely to increase by 10,000 tonnes to 160,000 tonnes this year. This includes 45,000 tonnes of early-ripening lychee harvested on an estimated area of 6,000 ha and 115,000 tonnes of lychee from the main crop on an area of 22,100 ha.

The harvest is expected to last until July 10.