Soybean milk – Vinamilk’s strategic products for the RoK

Saturday, 2020-06-20 19:33:12
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Domestic soybean milk product production line and export at a Vinamilk factory.
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NDO – Products of Vietnamese milk producer Vinamilk (Vietnam Dairy Products JSC) have made their entry into the Republic of Korea’s (RoK’s) market following the successful signing of a US$1.2 million export contract of 85 containers of soybean milk products and milk tea.

This is considered a significant number in the context thatthe world economy is still being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a developed country with a high standard of living, the RoK has never been an easy market to conquer.

Vinamilk’ssoybean milk products are manufactured using European-standard technology with 100% non-genetically modified raw materials, and high-quality walnuts and almonds imported from the US. Invested in research and development was made to help the products to meet the quality and nutritional requirements of consumers.

Soybean milk and milk tea products have officially started their "journey" to conquer the RoK market.

According to Seol Boo Chun, Director of Vina Korea Company (the RoK), Vinamilk’s nut milk products have a rich and unique nutty flavour. These products are expected to be warmly received RoK consumers, he noted.

In fact, this is not the first time Vinamilk has exported products to the RoK market. Many customers arequite familiar with the company's condensed milk products. In order to expand the market, nut milk products are chosen to enter this market with the growing nutritional trend among young and middle-aged customers.

According to Vo TrungHieu – Vinamilk’s International Business Director, Vinamilk is a reputable brand that is strongly associated with the rankings of the world and the region such as Forbes, and Nikkei.

The company has chosen e-commerce as a sales channel during its launch stage to help reach young customers, as well as in response to the social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 epidemic in the RoK.

In addition, Vinamilk has always paid attention to building and promoting its brand when penetrating foreign markets while maintaining the identity of Vietnamese products, he added.

Meanwhile in Vietnam, the trend of using nutritious nut products is growing. The trio of soybean milk products was introduced by Vinamilk in the domestic market nearly 2 years ago and has been well received by consumers.

Milk from nuts such as walnuts, almonds, soybeans or red beans are considered an indispensable source of nutrition for those who follow a “clean and green” lifestyle.