Vinamilk remains as most favoured brand for eight consecutive years

Wednesday, 2020-06-24 16:54:28
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In 2019, Vinamilk continuously launched super-premium product lines such as Yoko Baby Milk and Organic to offer consumers more choices.
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NDO – Vinamilk is the brand most chosen by Vietnamese consumers for eight consecutive years, according to the "Brand Footprint" report by consulting company Kantar.

In June, Vinamilk continuously received compliments from prestigious research and consultancy organisations around the world. According to Kantar's Worldpanel, Vinamilk has maintained its lead as the most favourited brand in Vietnamese market for eight consecutive years.

In addition, market research firm Nielsen also announced that many products of Vinamilk such as 100% Fresh Milk and Baby Milk continue to lead important segments of the dairy industry in both revenue and volume of sales in Vietnam. These results all show that the Vietnam’s most valuable brand continues to maintain its leading position in conquering Vietnamese consumers.

Constantly innovating for consumers

Brand Footprint has always been a prestigious and well-awaited annual ranking because of the truthfulness of this report in reflecting consumer behaviours as it is built on the Consumer Credit Scores (CRP*). It measures the number of households within the study area that selects a brand and how often it is purchased. According to the report in 2020, Vinamilk's CRP score leads the ranking, helping Vinamilk to become Vietnamese consumers’ most chosen brand for eight consecutive years.

In terms of Vinamilk's results, in the Brand Footprint report on Vietnam market, Kantar Worldpanel commented: “Vinamilk has preserved its position as the brand owner being picked up the most in Urban 4 key cities for the 8th consecutive year... This local manufacturer has reached more than 80% of Vietnamese households in part due to several advertising activities highlighting its core values as well as an innovated brand image with new products launched to feed consumer demands.”

Consumers are more confident as traceability can be easily observed through the QR Code on Vinamilk's Organic product lines.

In fact, 2019 was a breakthrough year for Vinamilk in terms of innovation as it launched nearly 20 new products that grasp advanced nutritional trends such as Organic Gold, Zori Roasted Rice Milk, Power Energy Drink, Happy Milktea and Yoko Baby Milk. At the same time, Vinamilk also changed the image of its store chain that introducing Vietnamese Milk Dream products to bring about newer and moderner shopping experiences for consumers.

Not only is it leading in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, Vinamilk continues to be the most chosen dairy brand in both Urban and Rural areas. With a wide consumer network, especially in urban areas, nearly 92% of consumers choose to buy Vinamilk products, much higher than other brands in the top 10. In addition, this brand also attracts more new households in rural areas by constantly emphasising the image and brand value with investment in many high-class, healthy products such as organic and nut milk products.

Mr. Phan Minh Tien, Executive Director for Marketing & Domestic Sales of Vinamilk said: “Consumer tastes are always changing. In addition to meeting those needs, businesses also need to provide consumers with added value such as introducing them to the world's advanced nutrition solutions. In 2019, Vinamilk introduced high-class product lines such as Organic baby milk powder that apply human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) nutrients to the product’s formulas. This is also a strategy to accomplish the goal to bring to consumers nutritional products with international standard and high quality right in Vietnam.”

Constantly innovating its image and launching multiple new products to meet consumer needs are some of the reasons that help Vinamilk has taken the lead in the rankings for eight consecutive years.

Steadily leading the domestic milk market

Surveys conducted by world-renowned market research firm Nielsen also provided similar results. With the dynamism and innovation in all major segments including liquid milk, baby formula, drinking yogurt, condensed milk, etc., Vinamilk products have been leading the domestic market in both volume and sales for many consecutive years. This result is especially meaningful for Vinamilk’s fresh milk products under the liquid milk chain and also infant formula as these are the two biggest and most competitive segments today.

If baby formula is invested in quality through international cooperation and applying advanced technologies, the factor that helps Vinamilk persistently lead the fresh milk segment is the large raw milk material areas meeting international standard. Vinamilk is the owner of Asia's largest international standard farm system with 12 farms across the country. At the beginning of 2020, Vinamilk and Moc Chau Milk "came to the same house", contributing to raising the total number of cows under Vinamilk's management to more than 150,000, with the daily raw milk output reaching over 1 million litres, enough to meet the needs of developing all products to serve the increasing consumption demand.

In recent years, it is clear to see Vinamilk's strategy as building a solid foundation in the domestic market to create a momentum to reach out to the world. Its solidity in the domestic market has helped Vinamilk not only to overcome the difficult period due to COVID-19 in early 2020, but also to record revenue growth of 7.3% in Q1 2020 over the same period last year, reaching VND14.153 trillion. In which, revenue growth comes from both segments, with domestic sales growing by 7.9%, resulting in net sales worth of VND12.092 trillion, and direct exports reaching VND 1.081 trillion, up 7.5% compared to the previous year.

Modern production lines at a Vinamilk factory, ensuring product quality to meet international standards.