NutiFood soymilk on shelves of Walmart supermarkets in China

Thursday, 2020-10-15 17:35:40
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Vietnamese NutiFood soymilk on shelves of a Walmart supermarket in China.
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NDO – Vietnamese NutiFood Nutrition Food JSC announced on October 15 that its soymilk product is officially now on the shelves of more than 450 branches of the Walmart supermarket system in China.

This is the first time a Vietnamese dairy brand has been licensed for distribution in one of the most well-known supermarkets in the world.

Walmart is a famous American retail brand and is one of the largest retailers in the Chinese market. Walmart currently has more than 450 supermarkets in China, itself the country with the highest population in the world.

General Director of NutiFood, Tran Thi Le, said that besides the production process and high standards of raw materials, NutiFood must meet all requirements regarding transportation safety and Walmart’s policies for employees, contractors, partners, social responsibility, and others.

However, these requirements are consistent with NutiFood's goals to implement its strategy of raising nutritional standards for Vietnamese people and reaching out to the world, bringing high quality products to Vietnamese people in particular and consumers in other countries in general.

NutiFood soymilk is not only available on the shelves of Walmart in China but it has also been distributed at supermarkets in the US since 2018.