Connecting fisheries enterprises

The fisheries business connection day is scheduled to be held in the southern province of Ca Mau on June 17.

Tra fish processed for exports (Photo: VNA)
Tra fish processed for exports (Photo: VNA)

The event is jointly organised by the Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee; the Private Sector Development Research Board under the Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform; the Seafood Watch program; and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The event aims to connect businesses and promote the supply-demand relationship between Vietnamese and foreign fisheries enterprises, bringing practical opportunities to help Vietnamese enterprises increase their outgoing exports and improve the economic value of fishery products.

In addition, participating enterprises will also have the opportunity to exchange information on the needs and criteria for selecting regional or Vietnamese suppliers from multinational corporations and large buyers from the US; as well as having a direct dialogue and being able to ask questions to assess the realistic opportunities for cooperation and market development in the near future.

The event is expected to draw a number of Vietnamese buyers and suppliers and four buyers from the US, including Aramark, Bon Appettite, Santa Monica Seafoods, and Fortune Fish & Gourmet.