Cua Ong Temple Festival remembers Tran Dynasty general

Nhan Dan – The Cua Ong Temple Festival opened yesterday in northern Quang Ninh Province’s Cam Pha City in honour of Tran Quoc Tang, a famous general of the Tran Dynasty.

Cua Ong Temple Festival remembers Tran Dynasty general

The festival began with the procession of General Tran Quoc Tang’s palanquin and his memorial tablet from the Cua Ong Temple to a statue of the general. The procession represents his journey across the northeastern waters.

The third son of the brilliant military strategist, Tran Hung Dao, Tran Quoc Tang is believed to have died in the Cua Ong area, and a temple was built by the locals to honour his major contributions during the resistance wars against the Mongol invaders.

In addition to the prescribed rituals, the Cua Ong Temple Festival features folk games such as human chess, boat racing and cockfighting, as well as art performances and a re-enactment of Tran Quoc Tang’s military feats.

The Cua Ong Temple is recognised as a national cultural and historical site and is one of the most important sites related to the Tran Dynasty (1226-1400) in Vietnam.