Cultural exchange honours Vietnamese entrepreneurs

A cultural exchange programme entitled “Vietnamese Entrepreneurs – Cohesion and Development” was held at the Nam Cau Kien Industrial Zone in Hai Phong on October 8 to honour Vietnamese entrepreneurs who have made great contributions to socio-economic development on the occasion of the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs' Day.
At the cultural exchange programme (Photo: NDO)
At the cultural exchange programme (Photo: NDO)

The event was jointly held by the Institute for Training, Consulting and Developing Economy (IDE), the Vietnamese Traders Club, Hai Phong Young Entrepreneurs Association, and Hai Phong Real Estate Association.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Dang Van Thanh, Associate Professor and Chairman of the Vietnamese Traders Club, said that Vietnamese businessmen have been affirming their pioneering position in the cause of national construction and defence. Their business path is imbued with hardship but it is also a glorious one.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnamese entrepreneurs have faced many challenges, but they have connected and supported each other to jointly build a stable and growing economy, Thanh noted.

During the event, delegates discussed and highlighted the role of entrepreneurs in the prevention and control of the pandemic and their contributions to the economic recovery in recent time.

They also pointed out difficulties facing businesses and made recommendations on several issues related to economic and financial policies in order to help enterprises overcome current difficulties, promote growth, and increase the income of workers.