Book review contest offers a glimpse on Korean literature

Wednesday, 2021-10-13 10:49:46
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Book review contest offers a glimpse on Korean literature
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NDO – The Vietnam's Women Publishing House in coordination with the Literature Translation Institute of the Republic of Korea launched a book review contest aiming to introduce Vietnamese readers to Korean literature.

The contest is open to Vietnamese citizens, who are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings about one of the following five Korean literary works: ‘Chiec Thang Cao Mau Xanh’ (Tall Blue Ladder) by Gong Ji Young, ‘Hoang Hon Do Ruc’ (Red Sunset by Baek Shin Ae, ‘Cam On Tat Ca’ (Thank You) by Kim Jung-mi, ‘Trom Hay Loi Thu Toi Cua Mot Chiec Gai’ (Thorn Confession) by Kim Ryeo-Ryeong, and ‘Chuyen Doi Suong’ (The Story of Suong’s Life) by Suh Song Nan.

The entries can be presented in various forms, including articles no more than 2,000 words in length, videos with duration between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, audio files, or drawings with description.

Entries should be submitted to the official website of the Vietnam's Women Publishing House at or via its Facebook page, before October 31.

Winners of the contest will be announced on November 9, with one first, one second, and one third prize, plus five voters’ choice awards to be presented to the most outstanding entries.