Various activities mark President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday

Friday, 2019-05-17 16:44:12
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Tet greetings and poems by President Ho Chi Minh introduced at the "Ho Chi Minh - Portrait of a person" exhibition. (Photo: NDO/Phung Trang)
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NDO – Various activities are being held nationwide to celebrate the 129th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh.

On Friday morning, the National Museum of Vietnamese History opened a thematic exhibition in Hanoi, themed "Ho Chi Minh - Portrait of a person".

The exhibition introduces 80 photos, 105 artefacts, writings and documentaries, featuring the life and revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh, who sacrificed his own life for the country’s independence and unification, for the freedom and happiness of the people.

Among the exhibits, there are manuscripts, autographs, articles, works and collections of New Year's cards and wishes written or typed by the President, as well as three original artefacts which have been recognised as national treasures - the book "Duong Kach Menh" (The Revolutionary Path), the poem collections "Nguc trung nhat ky” (Prison Diary) and the call for nationwide resistance by President Ho Chi Minh.

In addition, there are also items from his daily life, showing a simple life led by the great revolutionary soldier that was close to the people. On display are also gifts sent to the president from the Vietnamese people and foreign governments and people, expressing the affection of the Vietnamese people and international friends to him.

The exhibition aims to help the public, especially the younger generation, deeply learn about Ho Chi Minh's life, career, thoughts, and morality, a shining example of a simple life by a great communist.

The exhibition will last until August at the thematic gallery of the Hanoi-based National Museum of Vietnamese History at No. 25 Tong Dan street.

* Lampang Rajabhat University in northern Thailand has published a book in both the Vietnamese and Thai languages, praising President Ho Chi Minh's morality, personality and stature and his vision in international unity, as well as the journey of spreading Uncle Ho's patriotism in Thailand during 1928-1929.

With 507 pages in the Thai language and 387 pages in the Vietnamese version, the book was compiled by Dr. Truong Thi Hang from Lampang Rajabhat University and Professor Chuan Petkaew from Suratthani Rajabhat University.

* An exhibition entitled “Simple and noble examples” has kicked off at the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi, featuring nearly 300 images and articles praising exemplary models for living, fighting, working and studying in a manner which follows the late President’s moral example.

* On May 16, the Hanoi’s Vietnam Press Museum opened a thematic exhibition featuring journalist Wilfred Burchett’s activities during his journey in Vietnam in association with President Ho Chi Minh.

Journalist Wilfred Burchett interviewed President Ho Chi Minh on April 13, 1964.

As a big name of the world’s journalism community in the 20th century, Wilfred Burchett (1911-1983) arrived in Vietnam and met President Ho Chi Minh in 1954. He wrote many articles reflecting the resistant war of the Vietnamese people, which had great influence on the world and contributed to the protest against the meaningless wars by foreign invaders in Vietnam. He was a loyal friend of the Vietnamese people, always supporting Vietnam in international forums, until his death in 1983.

The exhibition introduces nearly 40 photos among more than 200 photos provided by Burchett's family, of which many were published for the first time with documents and writings associated with his years in Vietnam.

At the ceremony, the museum also received artefacts related to Vietnam and President Ho chi Minh, donated by organisations and individuals. Burchett’s family donated his three published books on Vietnam and one manuscript documenting the trips of Wilfred Burchett in South Vietnam from 1963-1966, along with over 200 image files and some other documents by Burchett during the war and after Vietnam’s unification from 1954-1983.

* On May 17, the Ministry of Public Security opened an exhibition on the theme of President Ho Chi Minh with the public security force. Featuring over 600 photos, documents and artefacts, the exhibition features the care and guidance of President Ho Chi Minh to the force and its outstanding achievements in 50 years of implementing his teaching under his Testament.