Musician Minh Quang: Music can fuel national pride among listeners

Monday, 2020-08-31 18:11:06
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Meritorious Artist, Colonel Minh Quang
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NDO – Meritorious Artist, Colonel Minh Quang is the composer of many popular songs praising Vietnamese soldiers. The 69-year-old musician was honoured with the State Awards of Literature and Arts in 2012 for his contributions to the development of the music in the country. In an interview granted to Nhan Dan (People) Weekly, the veteran musician stressed that music can fuel national pride among listeners while raising their sense of responsibility to the country.

Question: You have gained many achievements and much admiration from young musicians. At the age of 70, have you thought of stopping your work and taking leave of the stage?

Musician Minh Quang: I don’t think that I will stop working at any age. I’m still keeping myself on track and looking towards the future. I “packaged” my achievements and I am always stay ready for new thing to do. I am a kind of person who just looks back to the past and is proud of what I have achieved before.

I always tell myself that an artist must keep up with the current situation and move forward. I’m happy to work with young colleagues, who help me to update new trend and not being left behind in the changing world.

What do you think of young artists nowadays?

Regarding the field of music which I am working in, I see that young artists are well-qualified. They are willing to engage in every field of life and express current social issues in their musical works in a very understandable and well-executed way.

Musicians of my generation used to focus our songs on encouraging people’s spirit during the national struggle wars, thus we may have forgotten other topics. However, young musicians today have filled the gap by writing their own stories in music covering all aspects in life.

Over the past recent years, young musicians have showed their enthusiasm and a high sense of responsibility to the community. They have utilised the language of music to generate public strength and call on joint effort to overcome challenging periods of time. For instance, when the country is rally in all resources to battle out COVID-19 epidemic, many songs including ‘Ghen Co Vy’ by Khac Hung and ‘Tu Hao Viet Nam’ by Nguyen Xuan Tri were composed by young musicians to increase awareness of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Over the past recent years,Vietnamese young artists have showed their enthusiasm and a high sense of responsibility to the community

How do young artists perform their citizen responsibilities in your opinion?

According to my observations, the citizen responsibilities are boldly featured in young artists’ works. Their works have touched all pressing issues in today’s life, ranging from the country’s seas and islands and national sovereignty to corruption and environmental pollution. They have also introduced Vietnamese music and culture to the world.

More importantly, they have inspired citizen responsibilities among listeners while fuelling their patriotism and national pride, which is vividly apparent through the songs composed by young musicians during the fight against COVID-19.

How do young artists learn from their predecessors while following their art career, in your opinion?

Some might judge that young people these days are superficial and shallow as they turn their back to the country’s tradition and are not willing to learn from predecessors’ lessons. I don’t believe so though.

I think that they just temporarily set aside lessons from tradition and pay more attention to stories of their generation and their age. Their works have still showed us a huge source of encouragement as well as a touch of the country’s traditional value.

It is said that the current young music market is chaotic, particularly the digital music market. What do youth think about this statement?

I know that many people are now disappointed as they have seen more “weeds” than “flowers” in the young music market. However, for others, if we can produce just two beautiful songs out of ten newly-composed ones, it is very encouraging. The internet has provided artists with more opportunities to reach wider audience.

We should not be confused about the development of today’s music market. Instead, we should cling hope and belief in the authentic value and the talented young artists. They are those who worth our trust and pride.

Thank you so much for sharing with us!