Exhibition features heroic moments of Vietnamese youths during resistant wars

Monday, 2021-03-22 10:27:30
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Visitors at the exhibition. (Photo: NDO/Mai Van Bao)
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NDO – Nearly 200 photos by photographic artists and war correspondents are on display at the open space of Lam Vien Square, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, introducing to the public a selection of moments of authenticity and pride of the Vietnamese youth during the resistant wars to protect the motherland.

The opening ceremony for the exhibition was held in Da Lat on March 21 by the National Archives Centre IV under the Bureau of State Records Management and Archives, Ministry of Home Affairs, in collaboration with the Lam Dong’s Departments of Information and Communications, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union - Lam Dong Province chapter and the Vietnam Youth Federation of Lam Dong Province.

Themed "Vietnam Youth - A Time and Forever", the exhibition is among the various activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (March 26).

The exhibition introduces nearly 200 historical images to the public, which are selected from the archives of thousands of photographic works donated to the centre by famous journalists and photographers.

The open exhibition is held at Lam Vien Square, Da Lat City.

It is a valuable documentary images of generations of Vietnamese young people who have been brave and resilient, ready to fight and sacrifice to protect the independence and freedom of the nation, as well as a spirit of solidarity and optimism in building and defending the country.

According to Director of the State Records Management and Archives Dang Thanh Tung, the exhibition faithfully reproduced every moment of young soldiers who devoted themselves in the fight to protect the country that touched the hearts of Vietnamese generations and international friends. Those are the heroic, fierce but optimistic historical moments in hard times, a precious source of historical data, contributing to the re-enactment of the nation's tough, challenging and heroic journeys on the path of national construction and defence.

Veteran Nguyen The Gia, from Da Lat City, was moved and proud to see his image from 50 years ago on the battlefield of Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, where a fierce battle took place for 81 days and nights in 1972, through the work "Sun on the ground" by author Doan Cong Tinh.

“I was 32 years old at that time. Despite the fierce war, we are always optimistic in the beliefs about the final victory in the war to protect the country,” said Gia. The smile of Nguyen The Gia and his teammates in the photo clearly depicted that.

Mr. Nguyen The Gia introduces the youngsters to the work "Nang duoi long dat” (Sun on the ground). On the left side of the small photo is the image of Nguyen The Gia.

Youngster Nguyen Tu Lan said: “I am very touched and proud to be able to see such the images of our seniors in the fight for national independence. Thereby, our generation can understand more about the ideals of Vietnamese youth in wartime and their activities in the various movements at that time. That spirit helps strengthen the young generation today on the way of building a rich and beautiful homeland.”

"The exhibition helps today's young generation understand more about the young generation of bravery, glory and sacrifice for the independence and freedom of the country. The examples of the soldiers in the past contribute to evoking the pride and responsibility of the young Vietnamese generation in general and Lam Dong’s today,” said Vice Chairman of Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee Pham S.

In order to record the precious images, many journalists have sacrificed the dreams and ambitions of their youth to be present on fierce battlefields. Today, the movies and photos, although fading over time, are indelible marks of an indomitable and resilient period in the Vietnamese history by Vietnamese people who always crave and love peace.

The exhibition takes place until March 27.

Some works at the exhibition: