First exhibition for Malaysian, Vietnamese female artists

A fine arts exhibition, featuring outstanding paintings by female artists from Vietnam and Malaysia, is taking place in Hanoi from August 26 to September 3 on the occasion of 58th anniversary of Malaysian National Day (August 31) and the 70th anniversary of Vietnamese National Day (September 2).

A corner of the exhibition (Credit:
A corner of the exhibition (Credit:

The event, held by the Malaysian Embassy in Hanoi in collaboration with numerous agencies and individuals in Vietnam, is the fourth edition in the series ‘Destination’ which has been organised in Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur since 2012. This is the first exhibition honouring the talents of female artists from Vietnam and Malaysia.

The exhibition ‘Destination IV – Sprouting’, taking place at the Hanoi Old Quarter Culture Exchange Centre at 50 Dao Duy Tu Street, Hoan Kiem District, features more than 30 of the latest art works by four Malaysian and five Vietnamese painters who have become remarkable artists in their countries.

The exhibition’s initiator Tam Nguyen, who has worked and talked with many Malaysian artists, has always wondered why paintings by Malaysian artists are sold at high prices and presented at big events in their country, while the art works of Vietnamese painters have not been popular.

Women for women and world

‘Women for women and for the world’ is the message that the wife of Malaysian Ambassador to Vietnam would like to share while co-ordinating with Tam Nguyen to organise this special exhibition for female artists from the two countries.

They intend to expand the co-operation with artists from other nations in the region and the world, and attract many collectors and enterprises in Malaysia and Vietnam.

The two women had to work with each other every day to set up detailed plans, from accommodation arrangements for Malaysian artists to finding exhibition revenues, collecting art works and preparing for workshops.

The interesting aspect of the exhibition ‘Destination IV – Sprouting’ is the difference in the way of arts creation and thoughts between the two countries’ artists.

The Malaysian female artists focus on the topics which are seemingly outside individuals but are actually very personal, including climate change (through the installation works by dry twigs and leaves by Lisa Foo, Mother Nature by Christina Das) as well as feminism and the empowerment of women in a society in which many gender stereotypes exist.

Their own feelings and attitudes are expressed through their paintings in order to help viewers understand that although they are strong, the natural femininity, love of beauty and humanity still remain in their minds and hearts.

Through the exhibition, the Malaysian artists introduce Vietnamese art lovers to various forms of visual art including graphics, paintings, sculpture and installation arts.

The Vietnamese female artists used different traditional materials of the East to create their arts works, including silk (one artist), lacquer (three artists) and graphics (one artist).

The themes of their works were inspired by their individual stories, inner feelings and hidden psychological issues and through which the social life is reflected.

The exhibition is considered a great achievement of the two countries’ women who have made endless efforts for the arts.

Despite the differences in expression, all artists hope that the beauty, good and equality would exists forever in the life as well as in the relations between mankind and nature and between human beings.

The Malaysian Ambassador to Vietnam Dato’ Azmil Zabidi emphasised that the exhibition ‘Destination IV – Sprouting’ honours the talents, femininity and confidence of the female painters from Malaysia and Vietnam.