Palau aims to enhance cooperation with Vietnam

President of the Republic of Palau Surangel Whipps Jr. was very impressed by Vietnam’s economic development and wanted to cooperate with the Southeast Asian nation in construction, infrastructure development, tourism, human resources and fisheries, Minister of Human Resources, Culture, Tourism and Development Ngirabelas Tmetuchl said during a meeting with Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Vu Hong Nam in Tokyo on September 7.
Vietnamese Ambassador (third, left) and Palau officials (Photo: VNA)
Vietnamese Ambassador (third, left) and Palau officials (Photo: VNA)

The working session also saw the participation of Minister of Public Infrastructure and Industries Charles Obichang and a number of parliamentarians from Palau.

The meeting was expected to open up many opportunities for the two countries to enhance their relations, Tmetuchl said.

To strengthen economic and trade ties, Tmetuchl said priorities should be given to encouraging and supporting businesses of the two countries to promote bilateral economic and trade activities, conduct market research, and seek investment opportunities.

He said Palau wanted to open a direct air route between the two nations to facilitate tourism development.

Regarding human resource development, Tmetuchl noted that the majority of guest workers in Palau come from the Philippines, Bangladesh and China, and Palau wanted to receive Vietnamese workers, especially in the fields of construction, infrastructure and fishing.

For his part, Nam said the two countries need to further discuss and exchange measures to build a comprehensive cooperation agreement or a memorandum of understanding, to ramp up collaboration in politics, trade and human resources.