Phong Phu Ha Nam crowned women’s U16 National Champions 2022

On the evening of October 13, an impressive victory over Hanoi helped Phong Phu Ha Nam become the champions of the Women’s U16 National Championship 2022.
Phong Phu Ha Nam girls are crowned the women’s U16 National Champions 2022. (Photo: VFF)
Phong Phu Ha Nam girls are crowned the women’s U16 National Champions 2022. (Photo: VFF)

At the final match of the tournament between Phong Phu Ha Nam and Hanoi, Phong Phu Ha Nam continued to show an impressive performance against their strong Hanoi opponents.

Coach Nguyen Khanh Thu and her students approached the match with a reasonable legal battle. They tried to defend firmly and wait for opportunities to score.

In the 21st minute, Phong Phu Ha Nam organised a very quick counterattack, with Ngan Thi Thanh Hieu receiving the ball then striking a beautiful long shot to open the match.

In the 26th minute, Thanh Hieu continued to be a delicate passer, helping Hoang Van score a technical goal, that doubled the gap for Phong Phu Ha Nam. Only 3 minutes later, Luu Hoang Van accelerated and dribbled very technically to eliminate the opponent's defender before raising the match score to 3-0.

The first half ended with too great an advantage for Phong Phu Ha Nam.

Entering the second half, Hanoi played with great effort and determination to get a goal to reduce the score gap. Hanoi put great pressure on the opponent's goal in the first 10 minutes. But a gap appeared in Hanoi's defence.

In the 46th minute, Hoang Van completed a hat-trick when she took advantage of a Hanoi defender's mistake and scored a dangerous goal to raise the score to 4-0. This goal turned the remaining minutes of play into time just for Hanoi to get an honourable goal.