Chasing clouds on Tang Quai Pass

Monday, 2021-12-20 16:49:39
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From 7am to 9am this season, visitors can admire white clouds covering the valley if they have the opportunity to cross Tang Quai pass.
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NDO - With a length of 11km and located on Highway 279 - the main arterial route leading from the centre of Tuan Gia district to Dien Bien Phu city, Dien Bien province, Tang Quai pass in Muong Ang district has been known as one of the craggy passes in the Northwest. However, stopping on the Tang Quai pass during this season, visitors will have the opportunity to watch white clouds like cotton covering the Muong Khoe valley.

The best time for visitors to hunt clouds here is between September and February. This is one of the most ideal destinations in Dien Bien province for visitors and photographers to chase clouds.

A corner of the “sea of clouds” viewed from Tang Quai pass.

When the sun rises and the clouds fade away, the local people begin their new working day.

When the clouds fade away, the sun stands on the top of the pass, the rhythm of the daily life is more vibrant.

Translated by NDO