Visiting Tua Chua rocky plateau

Monday, 2021-12-27 17:19:46
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H'Mong ethnic minority people have lived in the rocky plateau for many generations.
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NDO – Despite being once referred to "Ha Giang in miniature", with a dreamlike and poetic scene, the rocky plateau in four northern communes of the mountainous district of Tua Chua in Dien Bien province, has not been as popular as Ha Giang.

The schools, houses and fences were built on rocks, same as where corn and rice were also grown.

Winter comes, making the grey rocks colder. However, the peach blossoms are still in bloom as if to dispel the frost in the foggy area.

On the rocky slopes, the adults work hard in the fields and children play joyfully every day.

The locals from ethnic minority groups, including Thai, H’Mong, Xa Phang and Dao, live peacefully at the foot of the rocky mountain.

Translated by NDO