Unique bamboo waterwheels in Lai Chau

Saturday, 2022-01-08 17:26:48
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In early December, local people construct new waterwheels.
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NDO – The giant bamboo waterwheels, with slow rotation, have long been associated with cool streams and ripe rice fields in mountainous provinces, including Lai Chau.

This is also a special tool to effectively support the locals in Na Khuong village, Ban Bo commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province, to extract water for irrigation. The pristine beauty of the waterwheels has become a unique highlight of the north-western mountainous localities. The field in Na Khuong village, Ban Bo commune, is located higher than the Nam Mu stream, so Thai ethnic people have made 35 waterwheels to obtain water from the lower rivers or streams.

The waterwheels rotate like giant wheels, emitting the sound of a flute. Visitors will also be impressed with beautiful natural landscape and fresh air, as well as friendly and hospitable locals.

The waterwheels carry water to dry fields.

The bamboo materials are handmade.

The way of making waterwheels has been passed down for many generations.

The field in Na Khuong village, Ban Bo commune, created a beautiful and poetic image for visitors to admire.

The pristine beauty of the unique waterwheels in north-western mountains.

Translated by NDO