Vietnamese “blue beret” soldiers with the mission of spreading love and world peacekeeping

Wednesday, 2022-06-22 08:00:27
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Level-2 Field Hospital No. 4 was launched in November 2021 with 63 official members, including 12 female soldiers.
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NDO – Vietnamese “blue beret” military medical soldiers have inherited and brought into full play the results, achievements and experiences gained in recent years, successfully completing the tasks assigned by the Party, State, the army and people; and well performing the role of “ambassadors” of peace and friendship, contributing to enhancing the reputation and status of the country as well as the Vietnam People’s Army in the international arena.

Level-2 Field Hospital No.4 departed for the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) in April, 2022, along with Military Engineering Unit No.1, to perform duties at the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). Vietnam’s first Level-2 Field Hospital departed for UNMISS in October 2018, the second left for the mission in November 2019, and the third in early 2021.

Officers, medical workers and staff have undergone training in expertise, military, politics, and foreign languages in accordance with standards of the United Nations and the World Health Organisation.

Lieutenant Colonel Do Thi Hang Nga, Second-in-Command of Level-2 Field Hospital No.4, affirmed that as soon as they arrived at the UNMISS, all officers, medical workers and staff showed their highest determination to overcome all difficulties and challenges to successfully complete the assigned tasks, contributing to promoting the tradition and image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the eyes of international friends.

On the morning of June 6, 2022, Level-2 Field Hospital No.4 held its first flag hoisting ceremony in Bentiu, South Sudan. Lieutenant Colonel Vu Minh Duong - Commanding Officer presided over the ceremony and read reports on the hospital’s activities and plans during mission time in South Sudan.

In a solemn atmosphere, all officers and staff sing out load the National Anthem under the red flag with a yellow star of Vietnam that is fluttering beside the flag of the United Nations.

On June 5, 2022, the Youth Union of Level-2 Field Hospital No.4 organised a programme in response to World Environment Day (June 5) and promoting the spirit of “young people following Uncle Ho’s teachings” on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of Uncle Ho leaving Vietnam to seek ways to save the nation (June 5).

The programme includes activities of planting and taking care of trees, collecting waste in the unit, disinfecting, and killing mosquitoes and other harmful insects to prevent epidemics.

During more than two hours, the intense heat of Bentiu can not reduce the enthusiasm of Vietnamese “blue beret” soldiers.

The programme has also attracted much attention and the participation of local people as well as military units of other countries stationed in the area.

The soldiers grow clean green vegetables right in the land with severe weather.

Green vegetables remind the image of the homeland.

Vietnamese soldiers always promote the spirit of creativity and frugality. They made use of wooden planks to make household items, furniture and even an obstetric clinic with wooden partitions.

Soldiers from Level-2 Field Hospital No. 4 provide healthcare and treatment for United Nations peacekeeping personnel and soldiers in South Sudan.

Lieutenant Colonel Vu Minh Duong - Commanding Officer of Level-2 Field Hospital No.4 presents gifts to local people in South Sudan.

For the first time on a mission, Lieutenant Nguyen Sy Cong, one of the hospital’s youngest member, could not hide his joy and pride when participating in charity activities and presenting gifts to local people.

The people of South Sudan always give their warmest feelings to the Vietnamese “blue beret” soldiers.

Besides the main task of providing healthcare and treatment for United Nations peacekeeping personnel and soldiers, Level-2 Field Hospital No.4 also performs such tasks as a military unit including self-assurance of unit safety, logistics, training; international volunteering, cultural exchange and introduction about Vietnam to local people and the UN Mission in South Sudan.

The hospital’s mission is to “demonstrate the humanitarian spirit and love for peace of the Vietnamese people, contribute to protecting the Fatherland soon and from afar”.