Hung Yen province enters longan harvest season

Monday, 2019-08-12 12:01:35
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The harvest time has started in the longan-growing areas of Hung Yen City, and Khoai Chau, Kim Dong and Tien Tu districts
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NDO - A total of 4,300 hectares in the northern province of Hung Yen is allocated to growing longans, of which 3,000 hectares are now being harvested. The total provincial output of this year’s crop is estimated at 32,000 tonnes. There are many varieties of longan being grown in Hung Yen, including ‘long’ (cage) longan, ‘huong chi’ longan, and Mien Thiet longan, which are planted in accordance with Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices (VietGap).

Although longans are planted in many other areas across the country, the favourable climate conditions in Hung Yen help in growing good quality longans.

Ngo Van Sinh’s family in Hong Nam commune has more than 7,200 s.q.m growing longans, most of them being the variety of ‘huong chi’ longan

This year, a majority of longan trees in his orchard have good productivity.

After longans are picked from trees, the leaves and small branches are removed before being transported to the market or to the cooperatives as contracted.

‘Huong chi’ longans can be sold from VND30,000 – VND50,000 per kilogramme

Nearly 200 hectares in Hong Nam commune is allocated to grow longans, with approximately 54 hectares of them planted to VietGap standards.

The Hung Yen Longan and Agricultural Products Week 2019 opened at Big C Thang Long in Hanoi last week in a bid to boost the consumption of Hung Yen specialty fruit and farm produce.

The longans are stamped with geographical indication and planted in accordance with VietGap standards

Hung Yen’s 'long' longan, known as the fruit of the kings, is the most famous among longan varieties thanks to its thick pulp and very sweet taste.

Photo credit: Duy Linh