Working under extreme heat

Wednesday, 2020-06-10 13:04:37
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On June 9, the northern and central regions continued to suffer from the fierce heat with the highest common temperatures ranging from 36-39C, even over 40C in some places.
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NDO – Hanoi is enduring a long heatwave on a large scale; however, many workers must still work hard in these extreme weather conditions.

On the morning of June 9, the outdoor temperature in the centre of the capital city was still over 40C. The heat was rising in the streets.

The workers repairing electric lines under the extreme heat to ensure the people’s demand.

“During these hot days, people have used electric equipment with a high frequency, so incidents have occurred many times. We have had to recover breakdowns constantly to ensure electricity supply for people”, said Truong, a technical official from the Hanoi City Power Corporation.

“We have to constantly replenish water to refresh ourselves”, said Linh.

The outdoor temperature was measured at nearly 44C at noon, with UV index reaching 6-8.

However, many peddlers, porters and motorbike taxi drivers continue to weather the intense heat.

All people wear long clothes and masks when they go out.

Workers wiping glasses under the hot sun of the summer.

The sun shines straight into the glass, so the heat grows hotter.

According to Dr. Tran Hong Thai, General Director of Vietnam Meteorology and Hydrology Administration, the northern region is heading towards a record long heat wave.

The heatwave in the northern region is expected to last until June 13, with the highest common temperatures ranging from 36-39C, especially 37-39C in Hanoi.

Lua (from Hung Yen), a porter at Dong Xuan market, shared: “The extreme heat made me tired but I had to try my best”.

The hard sweat of people working under the sun.

The florists had to keep flowers fresh.

“We have to use old newspapers to wrap flowers and spray water to keep them fresh”, said Thuong, a florist on Phan Dinh Phung street.

According to the Medical Environment Management Department, in the hot season, people can suffer from health problems, such as heatstroke.

The experts also warned that workers should limit going out on extremely hot days, especially from 10am to 4pm.

People who are forced to work outdoor should arrange rational working hours to avoid the time at highest temperature.

People should not work in the fierce heat for a long time and avoid excessive physical activity.

Photo credit: HA NAM