Sunlit valleys in Bac Ha town

Tuesday, 2020-06-23 17:14:33
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In the locality, mountains and valleys are interwoven together, creating a vast space.
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NDO – Bac Ha town in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai is famous for its wonderful scenes where visitors can capture beautiful images in all corners.

Bac Ha town is no stranger to visitors. The gardens of plum flowers and fruits, traditional markets and horse races are typical features that have attracted visitors. However, the locality has many beautiful landscapes that many people have not explored. Local scenes, which highlight the unique characteristics of the Northwest highlands, can make visitors imagine the vast steppes of Mongolia and the pine forests of Europe.

A small winding path leads to a vast space.

Fences of gang (randia tomentosa), cuc tan (pluchea indica) and cuc xuyen chi (wedelia trilobata)

One side is a cliff covered in ferns and the other is a field of corn, cucumber and pumpkin.

A raspberry bush full of ripe fruits that seems to invite wild birds.

A wild tree along the stream.

Mon Xai, a type of wild flower, grows commonly along the path. The Mong ethnic minority people often use this kind of tree to treat injured bones.

Corn fields.

The local people harvesting vegetables for use in breeding pigs.

Corn fields mixed with desert pine trees.

Mountains and valleys covered with green trees.

Consecutive mountain slopes stretching across the valley.

Houses at the foot of the valley.