New resolution on agriculture, farmers and rural areas

Wednesday, 2022-01-26 17:59:59
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The new resolution on agriculture, farmers and rural areas is very essential.
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NDO – At the recent national conference to report on the implementation of Resolution No.26-NQ/TW of the tenth Party Central Committee on agriculture, farmers and rural areas, Politburo member and Permanent member of the Party Central Committee (PCC) Secretariat Vo Van Thuong, affirmed that the time was ripe for reviewing the implementation of Resolution No.26-NQ/TW and issuance of the PCC’s new resolution on agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

This is the expectation of the whole agricultural sector, as well as rural areas and millions of farmers across the country, because Vietnamese agriculture has never before had such great opportunities, while facing several challenges, this requires new and comprehensive development orientation. The challenges come from climate change, natural disasters, epidemic and new regulations on quality standards, food hygiene and safety of importers around the world. Amid the complicated development of COVID-19, the safety in epidemic prevention is also a big concern for the production, circulation and consumption of goods. The challenges also come from the “standardisation” of farmers, bringing them into professional practices. In addition, the challenges are how to build a new-style rural area, through the improvement of electricity, roads, schools and stations, the diversity and efficiency of agricultural production models, the development of cooperatives, as well as the presence of concentrated raw material areas and processing factories within the villages.

However, in addition to the challenges, the agricultural sector has been offered many great opportunities. Digital transformation is opening up a bright future for Vietnamese agriculture, through the application of new tools in production, such as internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and streamline the collection, inspection and distribution of agricultural resources through sensors and big data management systems, robotic applications, unmanned aerial vehicles and blockchain technology in traceability. In addition, the trend of organic and circular agriculture has opened new directions towards the green growth goal of the entire sector.

On the other hand, "hot" issues, such as land institutions for agricultural development, have been urgently completed. The investment into agriculture has attracted the attention from many individuals and organisations, and rural areas have initially become destinations for young people’s starts-up. Notably, over the past years, Vietnam has joined a series of free trade agreements in the region and the world, creating advantages for the country's agriculture, to integrate and grow.

Therefore, a new resolution on agriculture, farmers and rural areas, which brings a "new breath" of life with new vision and solutions to current issues, is very essential to creating a stronger "push" for the development of rural areas, thereby improving the living standards of farmers, while consolidating the role of the agricultural sector, as a pillar of the economy.

Translated by NDO