Raising awareness of corruption and negative behaviour prevention

Thursday, 2022-06-30 17:05:18
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Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Head of the Central Steering Committee for Corruption and Negative Phenomena Prevention and Control speaks at the committee's 21st meeting. (Photo: noichinh.vn)
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NDO – The Party and State have persistently stepped up the fight against corruption and negative phenomena over the past years.

The fight has achieved many specific and important results as many cadres, Party members and organisations have been disciplined through investigation and verification. It has spread strongly, affirming the determination of establishing and maintaining order and discipline among the whole society and becoming a “movement and trend”.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong stressed the extremely important role of the people while reviewing the fundamental reasons for the above results. The participation of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and socio-political organisations as well as the consensus and encouragement from the people and the great support from the press created the synergy in corruption prevention and control.

The reality showed that over recent years, under their right to make complaints and denunciations in line with the provisions of law and the implementation of the grassroots democracy regulation, people have actively fought against the violations of many cadres, civil servants, public employees, individuals and organisations, contributing to preventing the bureaucracy, corruption and wastefulness.

The reflections and straightforward opinions from the people have forced the cadres, civil servants and public employees to raise their responsibility, and correct their manners and working styles, attitudes and behaviour toward citizens. The Party committees and authorities in the localities have strengthened their publicity and transparency through meetings and dialogue to answer people's questions and clarify recommendations of people’s inspection committees and community-based supervision committees on fund management, project investment and implementations of projects.

However, the assessment of the functional authorities proved that the bureaucracy, embezzlement, wastefulness, harassment and negativity have still occurred in sectors and localities. Corruption has still been serious with increasingly sophisticated manifestations in many fields. In addition, the more active participation of people from all strata is more important for the complicated fight against the “internal enemy”. People are the “ears and eyes” of the Party.

To promote the role and synergy of the people in the fight against corruption and negativity, firstly, the Party committees and authorities at all levels need to attach importance to and step up the propagation, dissemination and education of the laws on corruption and negativity prevention and control. It is essential to explain and guide people to understand their rights and obligations in this work.

However, to encourage the people's responsibility, initiative and creativity in preventing and repelling corruption and bureaucracy, the Party committees and authorities at all levels should have more forms and measures in receiving the people's reflection and discovery about the derogation of the cadres, Party members and organisations, to promptly fight against corruption, such as hotlines, closed mailboxes, public reception and dialogue with the people.

It is also crucial to further enhance the leadership of the Party committees and organisations to ensure the effective implementation of the people's denunciative and democratic rights as well as strongly promote the mastery of the people and the public in the inspection, supervision, detection and prevention of negative phenomena, corruption and bureaucracy.

The role and power of the people in the fight against corruption need to be enhanced strongly to make breakthroughs in the Party’s work.

Translated by NDO