NA Vice Chairwoman works with Son La’s Van Ho district

Tuesday, 2019-10-01 17:03:37
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Standing Vice Chairwoman of the National Assembly Tong Thi Phong surveys public works in Van Ho district. (
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NDO – Politburo member and Standing Vice Chairwoman of the National Assembly Tong Thi Phong surveyed the socio-economic development situation of Xuan Nha commune in Van Ho district, the northern province of Son La on October 1.

Through the survey, the NA Chairwoman asked Xuan Nha commune and Van Ho district in general to utilise local advantages while reviewing the planning of its rubber growing area to improve economic efficiency. However, she noted that the commune should take care of its current rubber area but to not expand the plantation area.

The NA official emphasised that the locality should build key and effective agricultural models to replicate to the whole commune and neighbouring communes, contributing to promoting socio-economic development and improving the living standards for locals.

The commune also needs to boost the effectiveness of works in services of social welfare such as clean water system, health stations and rural roads.

In addition, the commune should perform well the mass mobilisation work and maintain the good traditional relationship with the border localities of Laos in order to maintain national sovereignty and security and effectively prevent cross-border smuggling, especially of drugs.

On the occasion, the NA Chairwoman surveyed the location to build a house in commemoration of heroic martyrs of Xuan Nha commune and a health station in the commune.

Xuan Nha is an extremely difficult commune in Van Ho district. Although it is not a border commune, it is located within an area of complicated drug trafficking and it is also a very important buffer zone to protect Vietnam - Laos border markers.