Following President Ho Chi Minh to build a more dignified and stronger Vietnam

Saturday, 2018-05-19 12:54:01
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Pupils from Trung Vuong secondary school, Hanoi, meet with President Ho Chi Minh on his birthday in 1956.
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NDO – Today, the whole Party, people, army and Vietnamese expatriates abroad are celebrating the 128th birth anniversary of late President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 - 2018), with the noblest spiritual love and unlimited gratitude to the genius leader, the great teacher of the Vietnamese revolution, the national liberation hero and global cultural celebrity, who sacrificed his life for the struggle for national liberation and for peace and happiness of the Vietnamese people.

Born to a family of patriots in a rich traditional revolutionary land, the young man Nguyen Tat Thanh decided to go abroad at the age of 21 to find a way to salvage his country after witnessing the pain of a country under colonial rule. With a burning desire for independence and freedom for the nation and a prosperous contented life for the Vietnamese people, he travelled all over the world to work and study the reality of the struggles of oppressed peoples and the nature of capitalism. The difficult journey led him to Marxism-Leninism as a historical necessity, which helped him to recognise that it was the only road for the struggle for national liberation, class freedom and liberating the people.

In the revolution, the premise was to have a revolutionary party attached to the Marxist-Leninist ideology. Thus, he prepared all of the conditions and founded, trained, organised and led the Communist Party of Vietnam to carry out its glorious historical mission. Under the leadership of the Party, the Vietnamese revolution triumphed over numerous difficulties and challenges to earn glorious achievements. It was the August Revolution in 1945 to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the first people-owned state in the history of the nation. It was the victory of the resistance war against the French colonialists, culminating in the Dien Bien Phu Victory. It was the victory of the anti-American war, ending in the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign in April 1975 to reunite the divided nation. The liberated Vietnam has followed socialism since then and carried out the comprehensive Doi Moi (renovation) that has brought about a range of significant achievements with historic significance.

Throughout a wholly pure and upright life, he only had one desire, “the ultimate desire to make our nation independent, all people have food and clothing, and everyone is educated.” President Ho Chi Minh dedicated his life to the revolution, wholeheartedly serving the Fatherland and the people. His name and career will shine forever, highlighting the history of the thousand years of national construction and defence and will remain forever in the hearts of the Vietnamese people. He not only left a great revolutionary achievement, but also gave future generations a valuable legacy, that is the Ho Chi Minh era with his noble ideology, ethics and lifestyle. His name is closely linked to the progressive and peaceful movement of mankind.

This year, Vietnam commemorates the 128th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh with the joy and trust from the Party officials, Party members and the people regarding the achievements after half a term of the 12th Party Congress. In 2017, the second year of implementing the 12th Party Congress’s Resolution, for the first time in many years, Vietnam fulfilled all of the 13 planned targets. GDP growth was at 6.81%, which is a high level compared to other countries in the region and around the world. After ten years, GDP in the first quarter of 2018 re-established a record again, reaching 7.38%, far exceeding the corresponding figure of 5.15% same period last year. The Party building and reorganisation has gained positive results, reinforcing the people's trust in the Party and the regime. Vietnam has never had as high a position of prestige in the international arena as today.

The country is celebrating the 128th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh in the midst of the seventh session of the 12th Party Central Committee, which ended with important contents reached on strengthening the governing staff at all levels and on the reform of the salary and social insurance policies. This is also the time for the preparation of the fifth session of the 14th National Assembly that will discuss and decide many important issues.

To celebrate the birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, more than ever, the whole Party, people, army, as well as each Party organisation, organs and units, should turn the sentiment and gratitude towards the beloved president into concrete works. Each Party organisation and party member, especially the leaders, should further promote their roles and responsibilities in studying President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morality and lifestyle in each action to prevent the recession of political thought and morals to wholeheartedly serve the people; while at the same time, to thoroughly implement and formulate action programmes to effectively realise the resolutions of the seventh plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee, in association with other resolutions of the Party, towards streamlined organisation, efficient operations and strong innovative staff. The focus should be laid on breakthroughs in concretising policies on salary and social insurance reforms in order to ensure the best interests of officials, civil servants and labourers to create new motivation in their work.

In commemorating the 128th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh in the national comprehensive and synchronous renovation and international integration, amidst the intertwined opportunities, advantages and challenges, the whole Party, army and people are willing to unite to build a strong Party in association with caring for national socio-economic development in order to turn Vietnam into a stronger and more beautiful country as was President Ho Chi Minh’s wish.

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