Protecting youths from the dangers of drugs

Tuesday, 2018-06-26 11:23:19
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An official from the Na Hinh Border Guard Station delivers leaflets about heroin prevention and control to residents in Thanh Long commune, Van Lang distrrict, the northern mountainous province of Lang Son (Photo: VNA)
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NDO - Today is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (June 26). This year's Action Month on Drug Prevention and Control under the theme “Protecting youths from drug danger” aims to intensify coordination between ministries, sectors and offices involved in communications to raise public awareness of drug-related crimes and their impacts, and increase the community’s responsibility for the fight against it.

The whole of society is now focusing not only on achievements, but also the heavy challenges of improving and implementing the Party and State's policies related to drug prevention and control. Over the past years, efforts made by the whole of society have resulted in a reduction of the supply of drugs, demand for drugs and the harmful effects of drugs.

In order to crack down on drug crimes, the Ministry of Public Security, Defence and Finance have directed specialised forces to attack criminals in key areas. The work of rehabilitation has seen positive changes. So far, all provinces and cities have implemented methadone treatment programmes. The consultation, education and prevention method of treating drug addiction is being deployed across the country.

The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee has conducted a project on youth participation in fighting drugs during the 2018 - 2022 period whilst the Ministry of Information and Communications has approved the project promoting communication for the fight against drugs in mass media; and the Ministry of Education and Training has begun developing the project on strengthening the capacity of fighting drugs at schools up to 2020.

The fight against drugs is a long and arduous struggle for the whole of society. Protecting the young generation from the harm of drugs, requires a vision and urgent solutions from each sector and the whole community. In order to suppress criminals spreading "white death" and to limit the supply of drugs, functional forces need to address the key drug trafficking areas, especially cross-border drug traffickers in the north west, north east, north central, south west areas; on air and sea routes; to break down transnational criminals, while strictly controlling the business habits of discotheques and restaurants.

The Ministries of Public Security; Industry and Trade; and Health should strictly control the import and production of pre-substances and narcotics which may be used by domestic criminals to produce drugs. The Ministry of Information and Communications should closely monitor Internet and social media to prevent drug abuse from spreading and impose strict punishments on violations.

In addition, the 10-year implementation of the methadone treatment programme should be reviewed, while models to provide psychological support and consultations for drug addicts before the court should be multiplied. The effectiveness of home and community-based detoxification treatment for drug addicts should be intensified. Meanwhile, more attention should be paid to the enhancement of international cooperation and the implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements to prevent domestic drug crime.

According to the Vietnam National Committee for Prevention and Control of AIDS, Drugs and Prostitution, there are about 2,300 drug hotspots across the country. Reports from localities showed that as of November 15, 2017, the number of documented drug addicts was at 22,582, up 11,831 people from 2016. Between 2017 and March 2018, 13 ha of opium poppy plantations were discovered and destroyed. In 2017, police investigated 22,346 drug cases, arrested 34,494 suspects, and seized 906.7kg of heroin and 979,487 pills of synthetic drugs, among other drugs.

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