Determined to bring the country forward and meet the people’s expectations

Wednesday, 2018-11-21 14:15:06
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At the closing session of the 14th National Assembly's sixth sitting on November 20. (Photo: NDO/Duy Linh)
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NDO – The sixth session of the 14th National Assembly (NA) successfully completed its agenda on November 20 and wrapped up after 23 days of scientific, serious and highly responsible sitting.

The sixth session continued to profoundly reflect the spirit of innovation, solidarity, creativity and action for the benefits of the people and the country. NA deputies spent time analysing and proposing relevant recommendations to many “hot” issues of the voters and people’s concern, contributing significantly to perfecting the socio-economic development policy decisions. The legislators agreed that it is necessary to focus on consolidating macro foundations, controlling inflation, and enhancing internal capabilities and self-reliance of the economy, in addition to continuing to improve the business climate, ensure social security, and improve the material and spiritual life of the people. The NA also stressed the need to strengthen management of natural resources, environmental protection, disaster prevention and control, and climate change adaptation, while accelerating administrative and judicial reforms, apparatus streamlining and downsizing.

At the sixth session, the NA elected General Secretary of the Communist Part of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee, Nguyen Phu Trong, to hold the position of President of Vietnam with a high rate of confidence. This is an important political event of the country, which has been anticipated, agreed and highly appreciated by the people and voters. Lawmakers spent time considering and assessing the implementation results and deciding on socio-economic development and state budget plans, while comprehensively evaluating the implementation of the NA’s resolutions on the five-year 2016-2020 plan (first half) as well as three years of implementing policies toward the ethnic minority and mountainous areas, thereby designing measures to remove difficulties and make optimal use of resources and opportunities aiming to successfully and sustainably realise goals and tasks. Performing its legislative function, the NA researched, discussed, considered and approved nine bills, while commenting on six other draft laws.

Notably, the NA officially adopted a resolution ratifying the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and related documents, making Vietnam the seventh country to ratify and pass the deal, showing Vietnam’s strong commitment on comprehensive and extensive reforms and integration. The CPTPP membership will help Vietnam to improve its internal power, consolidate its position in the region and the world, and demonstrate the country’s foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, multilateralisation, diversification, paired with strengthening defence and security.

An important supervisory content performed by the NA during the sixth session was the conduction of a vote of confidence on 48 officials holding positions elected or approved by the NA. The level of confidence was based on the process of working and performance at work from the beginning to the middle of the tenure and via meeting with voters, among others. The results of the vote of confidence showed that this activity brings about many positive effects in enhancing state management and sense of responsibility of each position. Each of the officials subject to the vote of confidence will exert greater efforts to improve themselves in the areas they are in charge of.

NA deputies questioned cabinet members on many “hot” issues of the country. The Q&A form changed as most of government officials and heads of sectors participated in answering the queries raised by the legislators. Despite a multitude of questions and a wide coverage of questioned issues, the Q&A session showed that cabinet members and heads of sectors had a deep understanding and firmly grasped their sectors’ operations, while seriously answering and clearly explaining many issues raised by the NA deputies. The Q&A activities always receive special concern from the voters and people nationwide. The importance, influence and spillover effect of the problems concerning national development and the people’s lives, which were put forward during the Q&A session, require the continuous research of more appropriate questioning forms, methods and contents, focusing on thoroughly handling the urgent issues and avoiding the delivery of inaccurate information that risks distracting the society.

The NA requested the Government, sectors, agencies and localities to promptly work out plans to organise the effective implementation of the decisions and laws adopted by the NA during the sixth session, while renovating management and direction methods and further improving their operational efficiency. They were also asked to continue listening to the aspirations of voters and the people, and research, explore and grasp the reality of social life in order to provide timely proposals to the NA and functional agencies.

With a high sense of responsibility, the sixth session of the 14th NA concluded successfully with specific and significant results. The entire Party, army and people, together with compatriots abroad, will unceasingly uphold the spirit of national patriotic emulation, consolidate solidarity, and overcome difficulties and challenges, to successfully realise the set socio-economic development goals, towards bringing the country forward and meeting the expectations of the people.