Proud of the glorious Party

Monday, 2020-02-03 12:14:25
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An art performance celebrates the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam. (Photo: NDO/Duy Linh)
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NDO – In the bustling atmosphere to welcome the new spring, today, February 3, 2020, the entire Party, people and army proudly celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam - the Party which was founded, led and trained by the great President Ho Chi Minh. Over the past 90 years, the Party has led the nation’s revolution to overcome all hardships and challenges and gain many victories, turning Vietnam from an unknown country on the world map into a nation with prestigious position in the international arena.

Before the Communist Party of Vietnam was born, our country was drowned in a long night of slavery. People rose up against the oppression and exploitation of the colonialist and feudal regime with many patriotic movements, but all failed because there was no defined path. In this context, our Uncle Ho, under the name of Nguyen Ai Quoc, travelled around the world to find a way to save the country. He found Marxism-Leninism as the only way to save and liberate his nation. On February 3, 1930, under his presiding, three communist organisations gathered to unite into a party called the Communist Party of Vietnam. From here, the revolution of our country had the guiding banner of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the vanguard of the working class and the Vietnamese people.

The founding of the Party was an important turning point in the Vietnamese revolution. Under the leadership of the Party, our people have created miracles in the 20th century, achieving the glorious victory of the August Revolution in 1945, opening a new era - the era of national independence associated with socialism, and bringing Vietnamese people from the status of slavery to being the masters of the country, while successfully winning the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and the US imperialists to unite the whole country and put it on the path to socialism. Over the past 90 years, despite numerous difficulties and challenges, the Party has always shown its bravery and loyalty to the interests of the working class and the people. The Party has been humble and raised the spirit of self-criticism to correct its mistakes and defects. Therefore, the people have always believed in, supported, and persistently followed the Party’s leadership to overcome all difficulties and challenges, in order to build a more prosperous and happier Vietnam.

The reality of the past 90 years has proved that the Party’s correct and wise leadership is the decisive factor of all victories of the Vietnamese revolution. During that process, the Party has become more experienced, intellectual and braver, worthy of the mission of leading the revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese nation. Experiencing the fight for independence and protection of the great Fatherland, as well as in the cause of national construction and development, the Party has always considered serving the people as its striving goal. Over the past nearly 35 years of the Doi Moi (Renewal) process initiated and led by the Party, the country has accomplished great achievements of historical significance, marking the maturity of our Party, State and people in all aspects. From a poor and backward country, Vietnam has risen to become a middle-income developing country with a stable social and political situation; national independence and territorial sovereignty has been maintained; external relations have been expanded; and the country’s position has been constantly improved in the international arena. This is the result of a profound, comprehensive and thorough transformation process, promoting the intelligence and strength of the entire Party and people, while at the same time affirming the Party’s close bond to the people in building a great national unity bloc.

Looking back at the achievements of our country today, we are immensely grateful for the merits of our beloved Uncle Ho, the leader of the Party, heroes, martyrs, compatriots and comrades who fought bravely and sacrificed themselves for the longevity of the nation. Proud of the glorious traditions of the Party, we also acknowledge our great responsibility to build a strong and comprehensive Party. In recent years, the implementation of Resolution No.4 of the 11th and 12th tenure, on building and rectifying the Party, has become a deep political activity, contributing to preventing and gradually curbing ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation, as well as the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party. The above resolutions have been implemented in association with promoting the learning and following of the ideologies and morals of Ho Chi Minh, with the Party’s regulations on setting examples. At the same time, the prevention and fight against corruption, wastefulness and negative phenomena has been carried out in a resolute, persistent, synchronous and comprehensive manner, with no restricted areas and no exceptions. In the coming time, the Party’s building and rectification needs to be further promoted. In addition, it is necessary to resolutely clean up the contingent of cadres and party members, improve the fighting strength of each party organisation, improve the personnel work, and drastically fight against corruption and negative actions in order to build a strong and effective political apparatus and strengthen the people’s confidence in the Party and the regime.

In the joyful atmosphere throughout the country, and with the proud achievements obtained in the past year, the entire Party, people and army are striving to overcome challenges and continue to promote all potentials, advantages and resources to make a definitive change in all fields to achieve higher results in 2020 - a year of special significance. This is the last year of the term to implement the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, in which the county will organise party congresses at all levels towards the 13th Party Congress; celebrate the 75th anniversary of the National Day, the 130th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh; and take over the dual role of ASEAN Chair and non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council, among many other important political events.

The country is facing new opportunities. With the confidence in the path that Uncle Ho and the Party have chosen, each person should set their own determination. As Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong said on the first day of the Lunar New Year: “Whether we can awaken the potential and turn it into our resources for national construction and defence depends on the will of the entire Party and nation as well as of each Vietnamese”.