Promoting the spirit of the Great Spring Victory of 1975 in the new period

Thursday, 2020-04-30 09:31:28
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NDO – Today, the entire Party, people and army of Vietnam are happy to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Liberation of the South and National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975-2020), associated with facilitating emulation to greet the all-level Party congresses, in the lead up to the 13th National Party Congress.

Forty-five years ago, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, the General Headquarters of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) and directly the Campaign Command, the Vietnamese army and people launched a general offensive and uprising in the spring of 1975, which commenced on March 4, with three strategic attacks: the Central Highlands Campaign, opening with a breakthrough battle in Buon Ma Thuot, to liberate the Central Highlands; the Hue-Da Nang Campaign; and the Ho Chi Minh Campaign to liberate Saigon-Gia Dinh. Particularly, in the Ho Chi Minh Campaign - a historic strategic campaign, with the “lightning, reckless, surprising and sure-to-win” power, the Vietnamese army and people clinched the resounding victory after more than four days of fighting. At 5am on April 30, 1975, Vietnamese soldiers launched a speedy attack on the last hideout of the Saigon administration. At 10.45am, a force of Army Corps No. 2 entered the Independence Palace. President of the puppet regime in Saigon Duong Van Minh and the entire enemy cabinet surrendered unconditionally. At 11.30 on the same day, the liberation flag was raised in front of the main building of the Independence Palace. With overwhelming political and military power, the Vietnamese army and people clinched the overall victory, ending the 21-year resistance war against the US invaders. The South was completely liberated, and the country was completely reunified.

The victorious ending of the General Offensive and Uprising in the spring of 1975 holds historical and epoch-making significance, opening a new era of reunification, independence, peace and the whole nation moving ahead on the path to socialism. Such a great achievement is the result of the will to unite the country and the desire for peace, representing Vietnamese bravery and intellect and demonstrating the creative application of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought to the conditions and circumstances of Vietnam’s revolution and revolutionary war. It also symbolises the power of great national unity and the spirit of international solidarity, marking the development of the tradition of fighting enemies to defend the country and the military art of the Vietnamese nation. The victory of the Vietnamese army and people in the resistance war against the US invaders for national salvation has been forever carved into the national history as a brilliant landmark and a symbol of revolutionary heroism and human ingenuity, while entering the world history as a great feat of the 20th century and an event of great international significance, and profound epoch-making significance.

Promoting the revolutionary tradition and spirit of the Great Spring Victory of 1975, in recent years, the whole Party, people and army have overcome all difficulties and challenges to go ahead with the cause of Doi Moi (Renewal) initiated and led by the Party, and have attained many great and historic achievements in terms of socio-economic and cultural aspects. The material and spiritual lives of the people have significantly improved; the political system and the great national unity bloc have been consolidated and strengthened; socio-political stability and national independence and sovereignty have been safeguarded; and security and defence potentials have grown much stronger. In addition, Vietnam’s foreign relations have been increasingly expanded, while the country’s prestige and position in the international arena has constantly improved. The aforementioned initial important victory demonstrates the power of solidarity, patriotic tradition and mutual affection of the Vietnamese nation, firmly consolidating the people’s belief in the leadership of the Party and State and affirming the superiority and good nature of Vietnam’s regime and political system.

In 2020 and the coming years, the situation in the world, the region and the East Sea will continue to see complicated developments. Hostile forces at home and abroad are stepping up sabotage activities against the Vietnamese revolution with many subtle and cunning tricks. Not to mention, the COVID-19 pandemic is currently proceeding in a complicated manner. Although Vietnam has basically kept the disease under control, with its efforts receiving high appreciation from the international community, the risk of disease outbreaks still exists, directly threatening and adversely affecting the socio-economy and people’s lives. Such a fact requires the entire Party, people and army to uphold revolutionary vigilance, promote internal strength, take advantage of opportunities, and overcome all difficulties and challenges to develop the country across various fields. Moreover, it is necessary to accelerate the cause of national renewal, construction and defence, and international integration, while fully grasping the situation and firmly defending national independence, territorial integrity, security, and sacred sovereignty over borders, seas and islands, avoiding being passive in any circumstances. In the immediate future, there is a strong need to unify awareness and actions and mobilise the engagement of both the political system and all people, as well as to uphold the discipline and responsibility of heads of ministries, sectors, localities and units; strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures under the direction of the Politburo, the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat, the National Assembly, the Government and the Prime Minister; and continue developing production and business, resolving employment issues and ensuring social security.

Promoting the revolutionary heroism and the spirit of determined fighting towards the triumph of the Great Spring Victory of 1975, the whole Party, people and army will be active in effectively implementing pandemic prevention and control in tandem with developing production and fulfilling the socio-economic development, security, defence and foreign affairs tasks, step by step developing the country in a fast and sustainable manner, thus meeting the requirements of the cause of national industrialisation and modernisation and the construction and protection of the socialist Vietnam in the new period.