Ho Chi Minh Thought shines forever with the nation and era

Tuesday, 2020-05-19 09:43:49
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President Ho Chi Minh works in a cave in the Viet Bac resistance base in 1951.
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NDO – Today, with infinite gratitude, the entire Vietnamese Party, people and army together celebrate the 130th birth anniversary of beloved President Ho Chi Minh – the genius leader of the Vietnamese Party and people, the great mentor of Vietnamese revolution, the hero of national liberation, and an outstanding cultural celebrity.

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He devoted his whole life to the country’s independence, for the freedom and happiness of Vietnamese people and for peace and friendship among the progressive people around the whole world. His life and career are a revolutionary epic and a shining example of patriotism and pure revolutionary morality, which will forever be the pride of generations of Vietnamese people.

Born and raised in the context of the nation being ruled by foreign invaders, President Ho Chi Minh was more pervasive than ever facing the misery of Vietnamese people losing their right to decide their own country’s fate. Witnessing the continuous defeat of domestic patriotic movements and the different tendencies in the struggles against the French invaders, Nguyen Ai Quoc - Ho Chi Minh decided to go abroad and find his own route to salvage the country and its people. He travelled across five continents, immersing himself in the life of the working class, as well as combining working with theoretical research and exploring practices of revolution around the world. During this process, he approached Marxism-Leninism and found within the only way to save his country: national liberation associated with class liberation and human liberation, as well as national independence associated with socialism.

With his extraordinary genius, intelligence and long-sighted vision that went beyond his era, he creatively applied Marxist-Leninism to Vietnamese revolutionary practices, while working hard to prepare political and ideological conditions, as well as organisation and staff for the birth of a genuine revolutionary party, the vanguard of the working class, as well as the vanguard of the Vietnamese working people and nation. In 1930, the birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) along with its first political platform basically formed the way of national salvation. Since then, the country’s revolution overcame numerous difficulties and challenges under the leadership of the CPV and President Ho Chi Minh, bringing the nation "to the glorious podium."

It was the victory of the August Revolution in 1945, which led to the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the first people-owned state in the nation's history. It was the victory of the resistance war against the French colonialists, peaking with the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, that was “shaking five continents and the whole world", as well as the great victory of the resistance war against the US to save the country, which ended with the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign, resulting in the complete liberation of the South and the reunification of the nation, pushing the country into an era of national independence and socialism.

Those are the great achievements and historical significance of the renovation, building and defending the Fatherland and international integration that Vietnamese people are conducting. The wisdom and correctness of Vietnamese revolutionary ideas and methods as outlined by the President have been proved and confirmed through practice. The evolution of such a revolution, ideology and route has been increasingly supplemented, developed and perfected, becoming a torch to guide the nation to move forward on its path in becoming an increasingly prosperous country.

His arduous life was full of sacrifice, with his whole heart heading towards the interests of the country and her people. Uncle Ho left to the nation and the future generations a huge, extremely valuable legacy. It is the Ho Chi Minh Era – the most brilliant era in the nation's glorious history. It is Ho Chi Minh Thought – a comprehensive and profound system of views and arguments on the basic issues of the Vietnamese revolution, on the strength of the Vietnamese people and the national great unity bloc, as well as on building a State owned by the people, operated by the people and serving the people, in addition to building a clean and strong Party. Ho Chi Minh’s ethics and style are an extremely pure and noble example, as well as a great model of how to live, think, write, speak and work. In grateful for his merits, all the Vietnamese vow to be absolutely faithful to the revolutionary ideals of the Party, while inheriting and constantly developing revolutionary career of President Ho Chi Minh to creating a solid ideological foundation and firmly stepping on the path of national independence associated with socialism.

The celebration of Uncle Ho's 130th birth anniversary this year coincides with the occasion of the entire Party and nation focusing on conducting Party congresses at all level to prepare for the upcoming 13th National Party Congress, as well as preparing for the election of the 15th National Assembly deputies and People's Council deputies at all levels for the 2021-2026 term. Expressing deep gratitude to the beloved Uncle Ho, the whole nation is striving to successfully carry out all the tasks set out in the last term, while at the same time preparing well for a new term with new positions and forces. The country has never had an opportunity like today, making it necessary to further consolidate the national great unity bloc in order to promote synergy, utilise every opportunity and comprehensively and synchronously promote the renovation process for national development, as well as the realisation of the goal of making people more prosperous, building a strong country and a democratic, equitable and civilised society, while stepping firmly towards socialism. It is important to continue to promote Party building and regulating, making it truly clean, strong and worthy of the people's trust, while building a contingent of cadres, especially strategic-level officials, who truly represent with the ethical and intellectual qualities, as well as possessing strategic, innovative and creative mindsets, with close-knit relations to the people and sufficient prestige and ability to lead the country in the new period. Each Party committee, official and party member should be deeply imbued with Uncle Ho’s thoughts and views, while voluntarily perfecting themselves to be deserving of their roles as people’s servants, who are entrusted and supported by the people and worthy of being students and descendants of Uncle Ho.

In celebrating Uncle Ho's Birthday, the entire Party, people and army continue to further promote the study and following of Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style with specific and practical actions to bring about clear changes and outstanding achievements in all industries and fields, as well as to create new internal strength to build a more prosperous Vietnam as beloved Uncle Ho has always wished.