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Tuesday, 2020-08-11 12:12:27
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Late Party General Secretary Le Kha Phieu visiting Division No.304 on February 27, 2000.
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NDO – Comrade Le Kha Phieu bid farewell to us, leaving a feeling of great loss among the Party, the State and the Vietnamese people.

Born and raised in a sacred land with extraordinary people and indomitable tradition, comrade Le Kha Phieu was soon enlightened by the revolution and enthusiastically participated in local movements. He became a communist soldier when he was only 18 years old. Since then, his life was closely linked to the military and the cause of liberating the nation. The comrade fought in many fierce battlefields from north to south and throughout Indochina battlefields during both resistance wars against French colonialism and US imperialism, and in undertaking the international mission in Cambodia. The wars forged him into a political and military officer with extensive experience in organising and commanding combats, becoming a shining example of revolutionary morality.

During the period of national construction, as the Chairman of the General Political Bureau and Standing Member of the Central Military Commission, the comrade, along with other members of the Central Military Commission and Ministry of Defence, built a clean and strong military Party committee, while giving advice to the Party and the State in planning the military and defence guidelines. He also contributed to leading the construction of strong all-people defence and people's armed forces; improving the quality and efficiency of Party and political work and the building of a strong army in politics and organisation that would become the basis for enhancing the overall quality and combat strength of the army; and strengthening the Party’s absolute and direct leadership of the army in all aspects.

He paid great attention to political education and fostering for officials and soldiers, especially the training of ethical qualitiesand etiquette while upholding heroic tradition and unceasingloyalty to the Party, State and people. The comrade sternly warned of the hostile forces’ “peaceful evolution” plots that aimed to undermine the Party's fighting capacity by firstly destroying and eroding the revolutionary nature of the army.

In the position of a General Secretary, comrade Le Kha Phieu, along with members of the Party Central Committee (PCC), Politburo and the Secretariat, led the whole Party, people and army in gaining many great achievements in the cause of national renewal, industrialisation, modernisation, construction and defence. He paid special attention to the Party building and rectification, notably promoting the democratic rights among the Party and people as well as the organisation and training of officials and talents. As a sharp and visionary leader, the comrade, together with the PCC, Politburo and the Secretariat, worked fiercely and urgently to clearly identify the degradation in political ideology, the corruption, bureaucracy and waste ofseveral officials and Party members that could affect the position and leadership of the Party. Accordingly, he issued the eighth PCC’s Resolution 6 (second time) on “some basic and urgent issues in the current Party building work”.

The whole Party then conducted a campaign of Party building and reorganisation, focusing on criticism and self-criticismamong the Party committees and organisations at all levels as well as key cadres from the central to grassroots levels. The resolution was a breakthrough in Party building and rectification during the new period. It has created a new order in Party activities and contributed to the transformation of Party building work while raising political awareness among officials and Party members as well as preventing the degradation of morality and lifestyle of a number of Party members, thus enhancing the leadership and fighting strength of party organisations. The comrade showed his determination to the fight against corruption when he clearly identified the negative impacts of the market economy on the cadres. In addition to guiding the strict handle of violated and corrupted officials, he always emphasised the need to clean up the staff, build strong Party organisations, and consolidate the people’s confidence in the Party and regime.

With over 70 years of participation in the Communist Party of Vietnam, taking on many important position, and being trained in the military environment and arduous combats, comrade Le Kha Phieu was always absolutely loyal to the Party, the Fatherland and the people; steadfast in the Party's goals and ideals; and exemplary in preserving revolutionary morality and quality of a communist Party member. He also constantly studied, trained and strived to fulfil all assigned tasks. The dedication to work and closeness to the people were notable features in the working style of comrade Le Kha Phieu. Visiting and working with many localities and agencies, the late General Secretary continued to retain his military style, aggression, simplicity and close communications, leaving an unforgettable impression in the hearts of the people. He always showed his enthusiasm and contributed many positive opinions to the Party, State and army, despite his old age.

With great compassion for comrade Le Kha Phieu’s passing way, we will firmly step forward on the revolutionary path that the Party, Uncle Ho and the Vietnamese people have chosen,insisting on the ideals of national independence and socialism, to promote comprehensive reform and build a strong Party that can lead the country’s development in the new period.

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