Responsible and wholehearted for national development and people’s happiness

Wednesday, 2020-11-18 11:08:59
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At the 10th session of the 14th National Assembly. (Photo: VNA)
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NDO – The 10th session of the 14th National Assembly (NA) successfully completed its working agenda on November 17 after sitting nearly 20 days of serious, frank and highly responsible discussion.

Thanks to the careful and scientific preparations, the meeting ensured high quality and the completion of the set plans, deeply demonstrating a sense of high responsibility for national development and the happiness of the people. This is an important basis for the legislature to determine the methods of its following meeting towards suitability, practicality and efficiency.

The NA’s 10th session took place in the context of the international and domestic situation witnessing unpredictable developments that have strongly affected many aspects of the social life. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and re-emerged on a global scale, pushing the world economy into recession while adversely affecting the implementation of socio-economic development tasks in the country. In addition, extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, especially hot weather, droughts, thunderstorms, landslides and floods in the northern mountainous, central and Central Highlands provinces, and saltwater intrusion and the lack of fresh water in the Mekong Delta region, have caused heavy damage to production and people’s lives. There are still shortcomings in the country’s economic structure, with the intrinsic capacity and the ability to resist against and adapt to strong external changes remaining limited.

Given these difficulties and challenges, with the bright leadership of the Party, the companionship of the NA, the drastic and proper administration of the Government, and especially the consensus and solidarity of the whole political system, levels, sectors, businesses and the people, Vietnam has developed a number of drastic solutions in controlling the pandemic, mitigating the impact of natural disasters, and overcoming shortcomings, thus striving to promote socio-economic recovery and development. As a result, many clear and impressive achievements have been attained, including maintaining macroeconomic stability, putting inflation under control, ensuring social order and safety, stabilising people’s lives, and guaranteeing social security. However, the country still faces numerous difficulties and challenges.

The top tasks and goals in the time ahead are to continue overcoming existing difficulties and drastically implement breakthrough solutions to preserve and promote the obtained accomplishments. With that in mind, the 10th session showed the spirit of frankness in proposing important solutions for the benefit of the people and the country.

The NA spent time considering and reviewing the results of the implementation of socio-economic development plans, while objectively and comprehensively evaluating the year 2020 and the whole tenure and forecasting the evolution trends of the disease and the political and socio-economic situation of the world and the region in the coming period, thereby determining directions and measures to boost socio-economic development in a more sustainable manner, improve the people’s lives, maintain socio-political stability, firmly safeguard independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and strengthen friendly cooperation with countries and international organisations. The NA considered and adopted seven laws and 13 resolutions, and commented on four other law projects, while examining reports synthesizing voters’ opinions and recommendations, and many other important reports and documents. Lawmakers discussed and commented on the draft documents to be submitted to the 13th National Party Congress, decided on the national election day for the election of deputies to the 15th NA and the People’s Councils at all levels (2021-2026 term), and implemented personnel work.

NA deputies reviewed reports and conducted a question and answer (Q&A) session concerning the implementation of the NA’s resolutions on thematic monitoring and questioning in the 14th tenure, and some resolutions in the 13th term. The Q&A session was considered the first step in carrying out the end-of-term summarisation and evaluation of the NA’s supervisory work. The Deputy Prime Minister and 15 ministers and heads of sectors directly answered questions regarding issues under their management responsibilities. The Prime Minister elaborated on several contents under the Government’s responsibilities and responded to questions from NA deputies. The session showed that many contents and requests of the people’s legitimate concerns have yet to be definitely resolved, while many hot issues which are facing obstacles need to be further addressed. In addition, some issues have seen little change despite having been raised by deputies several times.

From the results of the session, the NA and the Government agreed on many important objectives and tasks in the near future, with a focus on effectively realising the “dual goal” of combating the disease and boosting socio-economic recovery and development; strongly promoting economic restructuring associated with renovating the growth model, enhancing the productivity, quality, efficiency, self-reliance and competitiveness of the economy, and strongly development the domestic market; accelerating the progress of important projects and key nation works; promoting the role of key economic regions and big cities; accelerating digital transformation, the development of the digital economy and the building of a digital society. In addition, priority will be given to developing high-quality human resources associated with science-technology development, innovation and creativity; strongly upholding the cultural values and intellectual of Vietnamese people; effectively performing the tasks of socio-cultural development, ensuring social security and people’s lives, environmental protection, natural disaster and disease prevention and control, and climate change adaptation; and strengthening national defence and security. Foreign affairs and international integration will also be facilitated, in addition to safeguarding independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and a peaceful and stable environment, and improving the country’s position and prestige in the international arena.

With a highly responsible working spirit in front of voters and the people, the 10th session of the 14th legislature ended successfully with specific results, leaving many deep imprints in the social life. This will be an important foundation for the whole country to continue to unite under the leadership of the Party and State to overcome challenges and rise strongly.

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