Promoting the proud results of the election with determination to build a strong country

Friday, 2021-06-11 09:15:37
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Voters who are under quarantine exercise their voting rights.
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NDO – The elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly (NA) and People’s Council at all levels has ended with positive results, attracting a large number of voters from the early days of preparation to the day of the election.

The success of this election became even more meaningful because it took place just after the 13th Party Congress had concluded successfully, while the entire Party, people and army are striving to implement the tasks set out by the Resolution of the Congress.

The 99.6% voter turnout rate confirmed the people’s political sense and high sense of responsibility towards important issues of the country, including the right to choose worthy people to represent them in the administration at all levels. This election day was conducted under a special and unprecedented circumstance in history in the context of the fourth outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic with many dangerous and fast-spreading new strains.

But thanks to the careful preparation and outstanding efforts of the National Election Council, in addition to all levels of Party committees, authorities, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and the Election Commission at all levels in localities, along with the companionship, trust and the response of the people, we overcame all difficulties to successfully complete the election. To date, many provinces and cities have announced the election results of the People’s Councils at all levels; some places have overcome and promptly handled the limitations and inadequacies on election day. Local deputies, whether re-elected or elected to the People’s Councils for the first time, need to be ready with a new attitude for their tasks.

According to the National Election Council, 499 people have been elected as NA deputies and more than 266,000 people have been elected to People’s Councils at all levels. This is a great honour for each delegate, but also a great responsibility before the voters and the country.Therefore, elected delegates must fulfil their promises, always stay in close contact with the people, be under the supervision of the people, and regularly contact voters to find out their thoughts and aspirations, collect and honestly reflect people’s opinions and recommendations to the NA, People’s Councils at all levels and relevant agencies.

In addition, each member of the NA and the People’s Councils must be exemplary in observing the Constitution and laws, and in actively and proactively protecting the people's legitimate rights and interests. The promises made before the people are the basis for voters to consider and evaluate the effectiveness and quality of people's representatives. The supervision of voters and the Fatherland Front at all levels for candidates after being elected is therefore also very important.

In order for the people’s representatives to perform well in their responsibilities, and for the voters to effectively exercise their supervisory powers over the deputies, the NA, the People's Councils and the Fatherland Front at all levels need to coordinate and continue renovating the organisation of voter meetings as well as expand the space and diversify forms of voter contact.

People’s opinions from real life will make an important contribution to helping NA deputies and People’s Council deputies to gather multi-dimensional information, from which to eastablish a basis to research and propose timely,practical and specific solutions. The discussion, dialogue, settlement of voters’ petitions, and the collection of voters’ opinions on the activities of state agencies need to be more substantive.

Voters also need to uphold their sense of responsibility towards the community and society in particular, better perform the function of supervision and social criticism according to regulations, and not to take advantage to carry out acts of lawsuits and denunciations of violations of the law. Each person needs to be exemplary in carrying out the responsibilities of a citizen while activelycontributing and proposing initiatives, especially specific useful actions to solve together with the NA and the People’s Council deputies and authorities at all levels to solve arising problems from life…

The victory of the election is a solid basis for us to constantly build, consolidate and perfect a rule-of-law socialist state of the people, by the people and for the people; as well as continue to lead the country with strong development in accordance with the path that President Ho Chi Minh, the Party and people have chosen and are steadfastly and persistently pursuing.

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