Senegal Ambassador: Vietnam attached to peace

Tuesday, 2019-06-04 11:35:22
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Ambassador Cheikh Niang, head of the Senegal delegation to the UN Cheikh Niang (R) (Photo: iGFM)
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NDO – Vietnam is attached to peace and it is not by chance that Vietnam is the only candidate selected and supported by countries in the Asia-Pacific region for election to the United Nations Security Council this time.

The remark was made by Ambassador Cheikh Niang, head of the Senegal delegation to the UN, at an interview with the Vietnamese press ahead of the election of five non-permanent members of the council slated for June 7.

The head of the Senegal delegation to the UN also highlighted that the Southeast Asian country has gained many experiences after successfully shouldering such a role for 2008-2009. “Vietnam has done a good job,” he stressed.

Vietnam is also recognised as a country with an important role in the region, which sometimes sees tensions, conflicts and differences on a number of issues, the diplomat said, adding that the country has always proved to be a responsible and nonaggressive member of the world community.

However, he also stressed that Vietnam still has many challenges to overcome if it wins the election, first of all in the definition of its priorities and the working out of suitable agenda. The diplomat expressed his hope that Vietnam can understand African countries’ wishes, so as to play an important role in settling the problems confronting the region.

Sharing experiences of Senegal in winning a seat at the council for the 2016-2017 term, the diplomat said the country launched a communication campaign to mobilise support and worked out a very clear action programme focusing on two key issues: security and peace. “The key to success is communication,” he stressed.

It is important to try and look for ways in which the sides can work together and exchange views to find common ground, the diplomat said, concluding that diplomacy is the search for the common ground.