Intensifying action plans to realise 12th Party Congress’ resolution

Sunday, 2016-03-13 15:02:08
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The second conference of the 12th tenure Party Central Committee wrapped up successfully. (Credit: VGP)
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NDO – After three days of working with a high spirit of democracy and responsibility, the second conference of the 12th tenure Party Central Committee (PCC) completed the meeting schedule, discussed and successfully adopted the PCC’s working plan and a 2016-2020 socio-economic development plan; introduced high-level nominees in State agencies; as well as worked on several other important matters.

Discussing the PCC’s working plan in the 12th tenure was an important part of the gathering to identify contents, steps and directions in concretising and organising the implementation of the 12th Party Congress’ resolution. In the spirit of innovation in regards to issuing resolutions and enhanced examination and direction for implementation, the delegates attentively discussed and selected the most crucial issues for the agenda in line with the PCC’s functions and authority to ensure close and synchronised links among economic development, Party construction, cultural promotion, human construction and realisation of overall targets and key tasks which the 12th Party Congress had identified. Priority was given to urgent and challenging issues and key tasks which General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong stated in the conference’s opening ceremony, including enhancing Party construction and regulation; building an effective, streamlined and efficient organisation plan for the entire political system; boosting efforts tackling corruption, wastefulness and bureaucracy; continuing to make strategic breakthroughs in improving the socialist-oriented market economy, developing human resources, particularly high-quality human resources, and building a synchronised infrastructural system; renewing the growth model; focusing on addressing the matter of restructuring State-owned enterprises and the State budget, resolving bad debts and ensuring public debt safety; resolutely and consistently protecting independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity and maintaining a peaceful and stable environment for national development and active international integration.

To institutionalise and concretise the 12th Party Congress’ resolution, the conference focused discussions on the socio-economic development plan, a mid-term State budget and financial plan and a 2016-2020 public investment plan. For the first time the construction of the 2016-2020 socio-economic development plan was accompanied by the building of the mid-term State budget and financial plan in addition to the public investment plan in order to intensify innovation in planning to meet requirements of the market economy, ensure the State budget balance and borrowing and payment plans in the tenure, as well as address ineffective public investment. Based on the 12th Party Congress’ resolution and the current context in the country and around the world, the conference discussed issues related to innovation contents, guiding perspectives and ideology; key tasks and main targets; major balances and breakthroughs; mechanisms, policies and measures to elevate feasibility of the plans.

The PCC stressed the necessity of prioritising the development of agriculture, farmers and rural areas; innovation in the State sector; administrative reforms and the improvement of the business environment; as well as strategic breakthroughs. It was also decided to accelerate the construction and implementation of policies and measures to resolve high deficit of the State budget, arrears in fundamental construction, banks’ bad debts and highly increasing public debts; cope with the negative impacts of climate change on the country which have occurred earlier than predicted, causing severe saltwater intrusion into the Mekong Delta and droughts in the south of the central region and the Central Highlands; and address environmental pollution and traffic congestion in big cities.

In addition, the PCC asked for an evaluation on the construction and implementation of action plans and further concretisation of the Party’s policies and the State’s laws in order to have necessary adjustments when the situation has changes.

At the conference, the PCC appointed nominees for leaders of State agencies to be adopted at the coming 11th session of the 13th tenure National Assembly as regulated. Following the 12th Party Congress’ human resource plan, based on the current national human resources, in response to requirements to improve the performance of State agencies and ensuring the continuity and development of the Party’s human resources, the conference democratically discussed, considered and made the most appropriate choices which received a high consensus, marking an important step in arranging and improving the political system’s staff in the 12th tenure.

The conference was overall concluded successfully. Addressing the closing ceremony, General Secretary Trong stated the next task involves leading and directing the study and construction of action plans to realise the 12th Party Congress’ resolution in addition to steering the implementation of plans on socio-economic development, national defence and security, as well as external affairs while making thorough preparations for the success of the upcoming election of the 14th NA tenure and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2016-2020 term.