Ministry of Justice urged to continue improving the quality of its staff

Monday, 2018-03-26 17:42:00
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Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung speaks at the session. (Photo:
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NDO—Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung led a governmental working mission to work with the Ministry of Justice on the implementation of the tasks set by the Government and the PM at the ministry on March 26.

Speaking at the session, Minister Dung urged the MoJ to pay greater attention to the training of its staff.

The human factor plays an important role in fulfilling tasks so the ministry should build a staff with fine personality, firm political will, high responsibility and high professional skills, he noted.

In the context of deep international integration, judicial cadres should be good at both domestic and international laws, he said, adding that more importance should be attached to consolidating the local judicial system.

The judicial sector also needs to focus on dealing with issues related to civil status and judicial records, as well as the State management over lawyers.

The MoJ currently has 98 business conditions, which are regulated in six laws and four decrees. The ministry is scheduled to cut 43 out of the 98 conditions, accounting for 44%. Minister Mai Tien Dung proposed that the MoJ continues reviewing its business conditions and resolutely cuts down and eliminates any overlapping and unnecessary regulations.

The ministry was also asked to review the State management on issues directly related to citizens and businesses and to accelerate administrative reform in areas managed by the judicial sector.