Thai journalists confederation discusses media development with Nhan Dan Newspaper

Friday, 2018-08-10 11:27:57
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Nhan Dan Newspaper staff and delegates from the Confederation of Thai Journalists join a group photo at Nhan Dan Headquarters in Hanoi on August 9. (Photo: NDO/Thuy Nguyen)
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NDO - A delegation from the Confederation of Thai Journalists (CTJ), led by its President Pramed Lekpetch, visited and had a working session with Nhan Dan Newspaper in Hanoi on August 9.

At the meeting, Phan Huy Hien, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Nhan Dan Newspaper, discussed the development trend of the world press with the CTJ president, as well as the media in Vietnam and Thailand, amidst the explosion of new communication technologies that have led to changes in the habits and information needs of readers.

Hien affirmed that Nhan Dan always attaches great importance to improving the quality of its publications to meet the information needs of readers, adding that the Vietnamese press wants to learn from Thai experience in streamlining the press system in the context of the increasing demand for information from readers.

Hien informed his guest that in its development strategy, the Party newspaper focuses on two leading media forms, television and e-newspapers. Particularly, the Nhan Dan Online version is currently developed in six languages, including Vietnamese, English, French, Russian, Chinese, and soon to be added Spanish. In the near future, Nhan Dan Online will continue to develop with additional languages of Vietnam’s partner countries, Hien said.

The Thai delegation visits the Nhan Dan Newspaper Traditional Room. (Photo: NDO/Thuy Nguyen)

Pramed Lekpetch, who is also President of the Thai Journalists’ Association (TJA), agreed with his host that the changes in technologies have led to readers' habits changing. CTJ and TJA have organised seminars and professional training courses on how to attract readers in the new situation, he informed.

According to Pramed Lekpetch, journalists need to make the best of their abilities and do their best today, in order to cope with future changes. He also expressed his willingness to coordinate and support all Vietnamese journalists working in Thailand as promised by the two sides.

Pramed Lekpetch, President of the Confederation of Thai Journalists, makes a remark in Nhan Dan Newspaper’s guest book in its traditional room. (Photo: NDO/Thuy Nguyen)