President Ho Chi Minh’s legacy universal, timeless: Deputy Foreign Minister

Deputy Foreign Minister Ha Kim Ngoc has highlighted the value of Ho Chi Minh Thought legacy, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of UNESCO’s Resolution honouring the late leader as a Hero of National Liberation and a Great Man of Culture of Vietnam.
Deputy Foreign Minister Ha Kim Ngoc. (Photo:
Deputy Foreign Minister Ha Kim Ngoc. (Photo:

Talking with the media, Ngoc stressed that recognising the President's important contributions in the fields of culture, education and arts, the UNSECO issued a Resolution during its 24th session in Paris from October 20 to November 20, 1987.

The resolution is a solid evidence affirming the soundness and justice of Vietnam’s national liberation cause, and the international community’s recognition of the President’s great contributions to the mankind's struggle against oppression and injustice, for the sake of national independence and social progress. The resolution is also a great source of encouragement from international friends to Vietnam's renewal process and national development.

Ngoc added that the legacy the President left is universal and timeless, embracing independence, self-reliance, human liberation, international solidarity, appreciation for cultural diversity, eradication of illiteracy, life-long learning in combination with global education, environment protection, among others.

UNESCO's honour of President Ho Chi Minh affirms the soundness of his ideals and revolutionary path that the entire Party, army and people of Vietnam are steadfastly following to make his wish come true, which is bringing independence to the nation, bringing a free, prosperous and truly happy life to everyone.

It is a great source of encouragement to each Party member to continue studying and following the late President’s thoughts, morals and lifestyle. It is also a strong evidence to refute wrongful allegations and distortions.

The legacy will forever spread and elevate Vietnamese cultural values while affirming the Party's sound policy and guidelines in the cause of national construction, defence and development, Ngoc added.