President hosts banquet in honour of Russian top leader

President To Lam hosted a banquet in Hanoi on June 20 evening in honour of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is on a state visit to Vietnam.
President To Lam (R) hosts a banquet in Hanoi on June 20 evening in honour of Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: VNA)
President To Lam (R) hosts a banquet in Hanoi on June 20 evening in honour of Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: VNA)

In his speech, President Lam noted that President Putin's visit coincides with the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the Basic Principles of Friendly Relations between Vietnam and Russia, opening up a new phase in the traditional friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

The President expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support provided by the people of the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation nowadays during Vietnam's past struggle for national independence, freedom, and reunification, as well as in its ongoing process of national construction and development. He stressed that tens of thousands of Vietnamese students had been educated in Russia, becoming a valuable human resource contributing significantly to Vietnam's development.

Acknowledging the steadfast friendship between the two nations, President Lam described it as an invaluable asset founded by generations of leaders and citizens, nurtured and passed on to future generations.

Congratulating Russia on its significant development achievements under President Putin’s steadfast leadership, he expressed his firm confidence that with the determined leadership and efforts of its people, Russia will continue to grow strong, maintain political and social stability, develop a dynamic economy, and increasingly enhance its role and prestige as a power.

The two sides have been working closely together at multilateral forums and international organisations, protecting the legitimate interests of each country and contributing to the international community’s efforts in addressing global challenges, President Lam said.

The Vietnamese leader expressed his desire for future bilateral cooperation to continue growing in national defence-security, science and technology, culture, education, sports, and people-to-people exchanges. Despite global and regional economic uncertainties, Vietnam and Russia have maintained positive growth, especially expanding cooperation in the energy, and oil and gas sectors.

Speaking at the banquet, President Putin expressed his admiration for Vietnam's achievements over the years, particularly its remarkable socio-economic development. He affirmed that the Southeast Asian nation deserves to be recognised as one of the most dynamic developing ones in the Asia-Pacific.

Recalling a history of bilateral bonds, President Putin stated that this visit would open new horizons, further enhancing and consolidating the comprehensive strategic partnership between the countries toward a prosperous future for their peoples.

He urged both sides to work together for the progress of their nations and the well-being of their citizens, as well as for peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific.

At the event, Vietnam’s symphony orchestra and renowned artists specialising in chamber and traditional music delivered performances related to both nations, conveying messages of friendship and hospitality to Russian friends.