Regulations on ensuring safety COVID-19 prevention and control at schools issued

The Ministry of Education and Training has just promulgated the regulations on ensuring safety in COVID-19 prevention and control for all educational institutions as a basis for deciding whether schools are allowed to organise educational activities or not.

Sanitising equipment and utensils in classrooms. (Photo: DUY LINH)
Sanitising equipment and utensils in classrooms. (Photo: DUY LINH)

Accordingly, for preschool, general education, and continuing education, before students go to school, educational institutions must develop plans, scenarios and solutions to be ready to respond to epidemic situations. It is necessary to ensure physical foundations, environmental sanitation and medical equipment at the school; and request students, staff and teachers strictly follow epidemic prevention measures.

When students come to school, they must ensure they are dropped at the school gate; promptly replenish epidemic prevention equipment such as antiseptic water, hand soap; assigning staff to supervise epidemic prevention and control.

At the end of the lesson, students, officials, teachers and staff must be kept at a reasonable distance and wear masks when leaving school and returning home.

Similarly, universities, academies and pedagogical colleges must also meet the requirements of developing educational scenarios and solutions to be ready to respond to epidemic situations; it is necessary to ensure epidemic prevention equipment; and raise awareness about the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures among staff, lecturers and students.

With dormitories, staff must be assigned to regularly inspect and supervise epidemic prevention and control; it is necessary to implement the wearing of masks arrange disinfectant solution, and cleaning equipment.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, the above regulations were consulted on by the Ministry of Health.