Over 500 wildlife rescued in 2018: report

Tuesday, 2019-02-12 10:40:31
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A seaturtle released to the wild after being rescued by functional force. (Photo provided by ENV)
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NDO – Roughly 521 wildlife were rescued nationwide in 2018, thanks to timely notification from local people, as well as the quick and drastic actions of the relevant authorities in arresting violators and confiscating exhibits, reported the Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV).

According to ENV - the first local NGO to focus on wildlife protection in Vietnam, it recorded 1,666 cases of wildlife-related violations last year, with the illegal advertising and trading of wildlife and the products and parts from them being the most committed, accounting for 64% of the total.

In 2018 alone, ENV recorded nearly 800 cases of wildlife law being violating on the Internet, with more than 1,200 links showing signs of violation. Illegal capturing and storing of wildlife and their products and parts is still very common, especially for monkeys, turtles, specimens of bears, tigers and sea turtles, and wildlife kept in alcohol.

The NGO said that there is a positive change in the public awareness towards wildlife protection in Vietnam. Not only are they actively exploring information about the status of wildlife, pledging not to use wildlife and their products, the community also play an increasingly important role in the effort to fight wildlife crimes.

Last year, ENV's 1800-1522 hotline recorded 819 wildlife-related violations reported by local people, of which 65.5% have been successfully handled, much higher than the figure of 48% in 2017. On average, ENV's Wildlife Protection Office receives 3.3 new violations through its 1800-1522 hotline each day.

In addition, in 2018, many voluntarily transferred their captive wildlife to the State, contributing to 67 wildlife individuals having a better life at rescue centres.

Commenting on the positive results in wildlife protection last year, Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung, Deputy Director of ENV said: “We are very happy with the active participation of the community in wildlife protection efforts, contributing significantly to the prevention and fight against wildlife crimes in Vietnam.”

“Through the hotline 1800-1522, ENV hopes to continue to become a bridge between residents and the concerned authorities in receiving information on violations as well as wild animals that are voluntarily transferred,” Dung added.