PM congratulates Cu Lao Cham on 10 years as UNESCO biosphere reserve

Saturday, 2019-05-25 11:00:25
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Marine biodiversity at Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reserve.
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NDO - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has sent a letter to congratulate the Cu Lao Cham Island on the 10th anniversary of its recognition as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

In the past ten years, nature on the island, which is located just off the coast of Hoi An, has been conserved in its original state and Cu Lao Cham has become a jewel attraction to tourists.

At the same time, the local inhabitants’ standards of living have been continually improved with sustainable ecotourism being the mainstay of the island’s economy.

In his letter, the PM highly praised the great efforts and significant results recorded by the local authorities and people in recent years.

He expected the relevant parties to greater their efforts so that Cu Lao Cham will continue to be distinct evidence of harmony between human and nature.

The government leader also expected that the “Cu Lao Cham Says No to Plastic Bags” campaign will continue to be replicated in other regions throughout the country, in response to the government’s call for action on plastic wastes.

Cu Lao Cham was recognised as a world biosphere reserve in 2009 by UNESCO for its rich biodiversity.

According to the UNESCO website, there are 947 kinds of creatures living around the marine area of Cu Lao Cham, including 178 species of fish, 122 species of seaweed, 134 species of coral, 144 species of shellfish, 25 species of crustacean and many other marine species.