Dong Nai: Rare birds flock to Tri An Lake

Sunday, 2020-08-09 11:16:21
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Hundreds of rare painted stork appearing in Tri An Lake. (Photo: NDO/Thien Vuong)
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NDO – Hundreds of rare painted stork (Mycteria leucocephala) have flocked to the Tri An Lake in the Dong Nai Province Culture and Nature Reserve.

On Saturday (August 8), a representative from the reserve announced that the birds have appeared in Tri An for several days seeking food.

The place with the highest concentration of the birds is in the upstream area of the lake in Dinh Quan District.

According to the reserve, after the water of Tri An Lake receded to a low level, the swarm of storks flocked to find food in the puddles, which are abundant with fish, a favourite for this precious birds.

In previous years, painted stork have been to Tri An to look for food, but only in small numbers. This year witnessed a record high number of the species flocking to the lake, according to the reserve.

The birds have been classified as Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

When mature, the bird has a wingspan of about 1.7 m, a large orange-yellow beak , and pink tail feathers.

As a large wader in the stork family, the painted stork is found in the wetlands of the plains of tropical Asia south of the Himalayas in the Indian Subcontinent and in Southeast Asia.